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This is an empty non-settlement workshop garage, office-apartment, and penthouse-loft on Newbury St. in Downtown Boston. Fill it with whatever you want now that building in Fallout 4 is finally fun thanks to mods and modders! Requires all DLC and cleaned with FO4Edit

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Ever since I saw Newbury St. in Fallout 4 I wanted to live on or near it, in part because my last name is Newbury, but also because I love the location. I don't fast-travel and the location(which is everything) is almost perfect-center on the map.  I always had my eye on a particular high-rise apartment building on that street.  It covers the whole block between Dartmouth and Berkeley, and is across Newbury from Trinity Church and Trinity Plaza.  It's the 4th tallest building on the West side of Downtown behind that one with another building leaning against it, the unnamed building with the large needle on top, and of course Trinity Tower.  It also has a nice large garage in the basement.  I finally made it happen and decided to share since I've been having so much fun with it.

There is a workshop workbench for the exterior in the garage which also covers the roof of the building.  After clearing out the baddies take the first elevator up and you arrive at the apartment/office.  We decided to make it a laundry room and comfort/bathroom since things were getting crowded in the loft and put a bed in it for guests.  Heather's been staying over a lot lately.  She makes such good tea.  The next elevator takes you to the loft penthouse.  There are three different workbenches.  One in the garage and one for each of the two interiors.  The garage workbench radius also covers the roof which is accessible by ladder from the loft.  The three workbenches are not linked because the linking feature doesn't work properly with non-settlement workbenches in different cells.  Not to worry though.  You have elevators.  The interior spaces are not "clean".  I like it gritty and realistic but they are certainly nicer than your average Commonwealth dirt-hole. 

It starts as a blank canvas.  The garage and the interiors start completely empty.  Everything you see in the screenshots was placed there through the workshop.  I decorated with Homemaker, OCDecorator, and PlaceAnywhere and used the Remote Doors mod to set up automatic garage and key-card security doors on the ground level.  While you don't need those mods I would highly recommend them.  I like it tidy so I also used the TCL command to do things like run wire behind the walls.  Both interiors come with power like Home Plate because we can't place generators indoors yet.  Both interior workbenches are under the floor.  If you need to get to them use TCL or place something that gives access to the workbench.  I didn't think they fit with interior decorating so I hid them.  I took great care in making sure there were no seams or clipping.  It's empty but was made with love. 

Placing items and the navmesh are a little wonky on the garage level.  I didn't touch the navmesh because a semi-complex scene takes place there.  I didn't want to change too much and the ground was just naturally weird when it comes to clipping.  I fixed this by placing a foundation below the concrete ground level through the workshop then placing things on top of that so they didn't clip into the floor.  There was also an idle tied to a scene that I didn't want to delete but in the scene an NPC leans against a car frame that you can't scrap or disable in-game with the console.  I disabled the car frame but instead of my companion leaning against thin-air now they lean against a crate I moved there to make it look like they were leaning on that.  This provides minimal change to the original game and less chance of conflict with other mods, while still allowing you to have a build space in the garage.  It can be a home or a grease-monkey's dream garage or both.  I have a security system with remote doors, turrets hard-wired to the gen, and keycard security doors.  Nothing gets in that I don't want to.  There is a wall in the garage however that the enemy can shoot through.  This is part of the vanilla game so it's your choice whether to block it with structures in the workshop or not.

Most evenings we sit around on the roof and grill, listen to the radio, watch the sun set, have a few drinks, smoke, occasionally shoot fireworks(but adhesive is so hard to come by), and plan our scavenging run for the next day.  It usually depends on where the action was the night before which is easy to spot from your Ivory Tower.  The BOS patrol the area 24/7.  If you're friendly with them you get free security detail.  If not you'll get plenty of action.  Sometimes we watch Strong wander around from Trinity Tower or occasionally help him by sniping the Raiders messing with him.  There's always action in the neighborhood.  The roof is the perfect height for sniping.  It's not so high that you can't see enemies(not rendering).

I can't wait to see what other people do with this.  The possibilities are truly endless.  Have fun!