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Allows you to upgrade your looted Nuka Raider outfits and headgear at the armour upgrade bench.

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When I first got to Nuka World and saw the spiffy new kit the Raiders wore, I got pretty excited.  It looked so naff that I couldn't wait to get a set for myself to kit up with...

Then I got some...  I was gutted that I couldn't take it to the armour bench and upgrade it to my level, particularly those lovely Disciples helmets.
And then I saw the weight of the headgear, YIKES!  Talk about walking whiplash, 20lbs for a helmet???

So I re-taught myself some basic modding and made a few changes, all of the helmets should have ocular, lining, add on, and weave upgrades, the clothes should have weave and add on upgrades, and the weights of the clothing and armour pieces included should be far more reasonable.  I am, however, a neophyte modder; so even though I added the same keywords to all of the outfits, it still seems to be a bit hit and miss as to whether or not they have the mod slots.  Perhaps one of you lovely people out there can give me some tips.

I edited only a very few the other armours that are already moddable at the workbench, I may go back in and add more later, if requested.  Particularly as each of the armour pieces are crazy heavy.

Update 1A:

Added a few armour pieces I noticed needed some attention.  71 lbs for a dress?  39 for a skirt?  20lbs per arm?  How do these raiders move about???

I've noticed that even after lowering the weight of some of the headgears down quite low, upgrading them makes them quite heavy, again.  I kind of want to bring the weight down even further, but the weight I've chosen is already a bit unrealistic...


Nuka World, obviously.
Armoursmith Extended
AWKCR (Armour and Weapon Keyword Community Resource)


Anything that modifies Nuka Raider gear's keywords and weight?


Dunno how to do NMM stuff, so if it doesn't allow it, this is basically just an .esp file.  Just drop it into your data folder.