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This mod adds a few variations of synth related bodysuits aimed towards players who use a female character and as a result don't like power armor with plans in the future to add upon this mod

Permissions and credits

this is a somewhat small pack but i think its very useful for those who play as female characters and dislike power armor the bodysuits
offer a lot of benefits similar to power armor but not nearly the same protection from explosives and bullets meaning if you get hit by 
a rocket you will likely die instantly where as in power armor you have a good chance of survival some people will say this is really 
overpowered but just strength and radiation resisting benefits it would make a good mid to late game option if worn with food armor pieces
as the bodysuits are still classed as under armor

Main benefit for the bodysuits:

25 energy protection
Immunity to radiation
+6 to strength (to help pass strength related checks that power rarely gets)
+60 carryweight 

the mod also comes with the following addons (for now)
a short jacket with 2 color options
a Harness with 2 colors
and two color versions of the heavy boots 

some pieces in the images are not included in this mod but to find them please follow the links below:

Augmentation by Crimsomrider

:apologies for all of the individual armor pieces for each color type im still learning the creation kit and trying to become better in general at rigging:



-CBBE Body-


The bodysuits and extra addon pieces can be found in pipers home (aka Publick Occurrences) up the stairs in a master locked footlocker,
or if you don't want to wait or to travel type "help FV20 4" into the console 


this will most likely never be allowed to be shared anywhere by any but me as a lot of the assets used where generously given to me upon request to make this mod 

No Xbox version will be allowed as this mod is dependent on the CBBE body mod


Gomaperopero (may not be safe for public viewing but that begs the question as to why you are looking at a nude synth bodysuit mod in public) -
for allowing me to convert the harness from his skyrim mod to work with this pack

 - Flowerguy360 -

For allowing me to use his professionally made synth components 

- ralfetas -

For allowing me to use assets from his pampas set which i made the leggings from and the "coat"  which was a cut up version of one of his bodysuits
you may think "why not use one of his actual coats" well im awkward and bodysuits make tighter jackets

Karna5 - 

he is the co-author of this mod and it wouldn't be even half as good if it wasn't for he cleaned up mesh errors i made and made the included physics enabled bodyslide files included in the main file a long with some screenshots of the bodysuits that show what to expect , and a long list of other things he helped me with that i wouldn't have enough room for here

-  Vinovat - 

for providing incredible screenshots for this mod and making it look even better and doing so without hesitation and giving up some time to help another modder 

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