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The illustrious Nuka Cola Refrigerator! Features room to store and display all your favorite kinds of Nuka Cola in a efficient, cold refridgerator brought to you by Nuka Cola!

Permissions and credits
REQUIRES NUKA WORLD DLC  & FAR HARBOR DLC | CURRENT FILE VERSION 1.11 |  This Mod may require you to use a clean save for full effectiveness of the scripts in use, if you used previous versions.  NMM download appears to be buggy, if it fails through NMM, use the manual download instead and then install with NMM after. 

The Nuka Cola Refrigerated Display Case -  Now with  VIM! and Sunset Sarsaparilla variations! 

 Working Feature - Fully Lit Display case for 104 nuka cola's of your choosing. 
 Working Feature - Fridge makes Nuka Cola ( and some other drinks) Ice Cold after 1hr of game time. 
  Feature -  VIM  & Sunset Sarsaparilla alternatives 
  Feature  - 3 Model Varians : Winged Bottles, Flat Bottles, and No Bottle sides
  Final Pending Feature  - Working Soda Streams on either side of the Refrigerator to refill empty Nuka Cola Bottles! - (Update 5-7-18 : Due to a recent issue discovered in testing, back to square one on this. Still working on it though! )  

 How to acquire it: For now, it will be available immediately in the workshop, under Furniture->Containers

SCRIPT CREDIT : CANCEROUS1, CVEDANT95 you guys rock and make the cool things happen. Literally. Thanks!   
THANKS TO : Everyone in the Discord Server that help me work through all the little bugs to get this working as intended. 
 for checking it out! Please remember to endorse ~all~ mods that you love!
Youtube Showcases: Firstly you have permission to show my mod(s) off in your videos and review them if you so wish.  Secondly thank you for doing so. Thirdly, show me a link when you do, thanks!

(Thanks to everyone who's made videos featuring this mod!)

Xbox One : will not be supported, nor is there permission to port it over. 

CRYOLATOR - Ball Projectile and hit decals