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No matter what you put on your character... Your stuff remain silent no matter what you do... well, no more! Let's make a bit of sense on this! Just... a bit!

Permissions and credits

So, you have bags, caps, weapons on back, weapons on hip, clothes with chains (or sort of it ) etc etc etc.... and all that you can hear is fakes footsteps without any sort of noise... even remotely to make you think that actually your stuff exist. I was sick of this, and here we are!

This is a work in progress mod that will change all the footsteps with an overhaul and more realistic one. I've used the vanilla track as a base, and merged with my work. I can never explain how much time consuming is, but it was and will wort it.

IFO is fully functionally, but I have in mind a lot of work to improve it even more. So, the feedback in this case is fondumental to me. This is a really early release to something that could become more and more big. This is also absolutely safe to intall at any time and remove it at any time. Whenever you want (don't do it ;D ) My mod have no Esp. 

Track this mod so you will be aware when I release an option you want eventually. This mod will grow more and more in the coming months!

Please. When reporting problem/feedback do it in the bug section and tell me everything you can about this: where it happened. In what circumstance. On what kind of terrain. What action you were doing in the while. Again, this is a work in progress mod, and all this feedback will help me to reach my true goal: release the version as perfect as possible. I am thinking of creating even more options: cut things. Add things. Do things. Improve auditory quality.

Anyway, why explain further, when there is a video?


Below the pre-view of the 1st person footsteps
I want to point out that I've made the volume on video loud on purpose as it is demostrative. The volume bar for footsteps are fully functionally how you can see, and I strongly recommend to not set this bar too high.

The clanking/noises footsteps will play even if you are naked ( vanilla problem ) For this reason, I strongly recommend downloading Barefoot Footstep as it will turn on the barefoot sound when you are naked ( as it should be! ). However, this only works on certain types of terrain (eg solidStone, Metal etc but not with Grass etc. ) So, really, download Barefoot Footstep! You should do it anyway.


-Nexus Mod


-B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor


 Who is so kind to provide me the "Main Logo/Description/Know issue/Credits images you see in this page on his own initiative! Thank you for your talent and work. They are awesome 
and suit perfectly to the spirit of this mod

-The creator of one of the many tracks wich I have deeply edited and cutted.

( The rest of those are into Public Domain )


-My girlfriend... who is having the patience to give me continuous feedback when I'm unsure on something. Thank you Mary ;)

-Stop Mod Drop
For the logo against ModDrop


Mod I use and you see in the video: please, keep an eye on all of them:

Player Comments and Head Tracking - You will not be able anymore to play without it.

Eli's Armour Compendium 

FO4 Blurriness Remover - Among all the incredible things I've seen here, this is on the top ten!

VOGUE ENB - Realism
Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster

CROSS Uni Scarf 

CROSS Uni Headset

Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul

Craftable Pride Flags - Standalone

VOGUE ENB - Realism

From the second video ( 1st person video )

GRASSLANDS - A Fallout 4 Grass Overhaul

Commonwealth Conifers Redux

If I forgot someone, if you see your mod in this video and you are not in this list, please write me a private message and I will add you immediately! it's your job and I want to recommend it because I love everything I've installed.