GPG's Mass Effect N7 Gear and Goodies by girlplaysgame
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GPG’s Mass Effect N7 Gear & Goodies

This mod adds five different N7 Mass Effect-themed mods to your game (visit my site for more pics and to make requests):

N7 Leather Jacket
 – replaces Atom Cats leather jacket and jeans texture
N7 Sweater Vest – replaces the standard sweater vest texture (no you don’t have to equip the doofy bowler hat, he just happens to be wearing it in the pic haha)
N7 T-shirt – replaces the undershirt and jeans texture
N7 Flag – replaces the Minutemen flag texture
N7 Bandana for Dogmeat – replaces the red bandana texture

All you have to do is download the “Texture” folder into your Fallout 4 “Data” folder. This installs all five mods – if you want to pick and choose, you’ll have to go into the individual folders and delete the ones you don’t want before copying the “Texture” folder over. You’ll also need to update your Fallout4.ini file if you haven’t used any other textures mods before. It’s super easy – read here (just 2 steps!).

Uninstall:Just delete the files from your Texture folder. You might want to make a note of what you’re copying over before you do it so that you can find them and delete them later.