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Share the contents of any container with any other container(s), within and among all your settlements.

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Connected Containers is a very powerful shared container mod.

This mod lets you share the contents of any container with any other container(s),
within and among all your settlements.



General Atomics' Connected Containers

In the mid-seventies General Atomics was contracted by the Department of Defense to develop a teleportation system for small to medium size objects. In the order description it was explicitly addressed that no teleporter box or container but a handheld device is to be developed. The device to be developed had to be capable to teleport the contents of one closed container to another closed container and it had to be ready for use with any kind of container. 

Internally the project was known as Connected Containers.
Early 2077 the General Atomics engineers successfully developed the Container Pulser. 

The Pulser Device

The Container Pulser is an easy-to-use handheld device. To share the contents of a container put a Container Pulser into an empty container. This will connect the container and make the container share its contents with every other connected container. Removing the pulser will disconnect and stop a container from sharing its contents.

The Container Pulser operates at a fixed frequency and sends its signal to any other Container Pulser operating on the same frequency. Once you have the first scientist rank and the required material, you can craft 8 types of pulsers at the chemical station (frequencies from 1Hz to 8Hz). Each pulser frequency allows for a separate chain of connected containers.

The Amplifier Module
During the field testing with various containers it happened that some containers were blocking the pulser signal. Especially some custom made containers did not connect. To solve this problem, the General Atomics engineers developed the Amplifier Module. The Amplifier Module must be permanently installed in a container to amplify the pulser signal.

Craft the Amplifier Module at the chemical station and put it into the empty unruly container. Closing the container menu will install the amplifier. Once the amplifier is installed you can put a pulser in the container and the container will connect.

Instruction Manual
Unfortunately, all official instruction manuals were lost during the Great War. However, you learned from some records found at a General Atomics research facility that these Container Pulsers amazingly do work with any kind of containers.
The pulser lets you use and connect any of the trunks, crates, boxes, drawers, closets, commodes and other furniture usable as a container from your workshop menu, regardless of whether this is a vanilla in-game container or a container added by a mod. Meaning you can make a trunk to share its contents with a save and a cooler box and a fridge, etc. Or, you can connect 3 Homemaker ammo boxes and 1 vanilla metal box in Sanctuary together with 2 DIYShelf ammo shelfs in Vault 88 and 4 vanilla wooden crates in Diamond City to make them share contents. The kind of container, settlement location and number of containers are irrelevant. You can connect any container to any other container!
If a (modded or vanilla) container does not react to the pulser at first try, install the amplifier module. This you can do only within the borders of a settlement (the mod does not allow you to install the amplifier to containers outside of a settlement).
Please note: At some mod-added settlements the buildable area is exceeding the settlement location area. So, although you are within the borders of a settlement, the amplifier does not recognize that. In such case move your container closer to the settlement workbench and then install the amplifier. Once the amplifier is installed, you can move the container back to the original place.

Although not intentionally made for that purpose, the pulsers may also work in containers outside of a settlement, but only with some containers (having the right keyword). Actually Bethesda used the workshop container keyword for some of the open world containers as well. If you want to find them look for empty containers. However, I do not know if these open world containers are safe (or respawn).

If you scrap a connected container, it will send the pulser to the settlements workbench, but only the pulser and not the rest of its contents. A chain of connected containers stays connected even if you scrap a container. The mod always stores your stuff in a safe container, even if you scrap or disconnect the last connected container, nothing gets lost (just make a new connection with a container to get your stuff back).

This mod comes packed and as ESL version, so it will not count for the plugin limitation (ESP version as option). Install the mod as usual and for the ESL version add the following line into your plugins.txt: *ConnectedContainers.esl
You can install and uninstall this mod mid-game. Don't forget to empty and disconnect your containers before you uninstall this mod.
This mod does not change any of the vanilla game assets and it will not conflict with any other mod. However, bear in mind that you can create conflicts with this mod, if you force to connect a special modded containers, e.g. a fridge which cools down your beverage or a washing machine cleaning dirty to pre-war clothes or a mirror that is supposed to start the looksmenu, etc.

The optional No Restriction Patch removes the settlement restrictions from the amplifier module. So, you can make Connected Containers in player homes outside of a settlement. BE AWARE THAT WITH THE PATCH THE AMPLIFIER CAN BE INSTALLED TO ANY CONTAINER IN THE COMMONWEALTH. USE WITH CAUTION !

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