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About this mod

Built using only Vanilla+DLC items. From my Onyx Nightshade's Settlements savegame I uploaded to the Nexus, here is the Transfer Settlements blueprint for my Finch Farm build.

Permissions and credits
From my Onyx Nightshade's Settlements savegame I uploaded to the Nexus, here is the Transfer Settlements blueprint for my Finch Farm build. 

Built using only Vanilla+DLC items.

Note: I'd advise scrapping everything that is scrappable in the settlement WITHOUT using mods that you can scrap everything (I typically build around what's already there that isn't scrappable in the standard game).

This blueprint uses slot #21 in Transfer Settlements.

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Onyx Nightshade's Settlements Savegame.



You awake from cryo-sleep. It seems like just minutes have passed since you rushed out of your house and into this Vault. You recall your spouse being shot, your baby taken, and nuclear bombs falling.

You finally make it outside of the Vault and you see what's left of your neighborhood.

You have the opportunity to rebuild. 

The past of 200 years ago is like yesterday to you, and still fresh in your mind.
Do you slap together some shacks? Do you start to rebuild everything as it was? 
Do you build to survive, using all of the knowledge of your generation?

I built my settlements like military installations. Concrete everywhere. Good defenses. Lots of food, water and shelter - like I felt my character might do in their situation.


If you like my work, please endorse. It's nice to have some encouragement after spending hundreds of hours building settlements, and then even more time making blueprints :)



How to use this blueprint and end up with the expected results:


1) Scrap everything that is scrappable manually - DO NOT USE SCRAPALL OR SCRAP MODS!
2) Nuke the settlement using Transfer Settlements and make sure you use the "Yes, destroy all items that are linked to the settlement" option. This gets rid of the Finch's beds because I replaced them with better ones.
3) [OPTIONAL] There are some items that you should pick up or store in the workbench like food in the Finch's shack. Unless you like canned dog food projectiles ;)


If you want to extend the relay tower satellite dishes on top of the command center, follow the below instructions:
4) To extend the satellite dishes on the tower, you have to go into the console, click on the tower so it's selected, and then type the following: cf MoveTower
After you hit ENTER, close the console and the satellite dishes should deploy. Note: This is temporary and the dishes will retract after some time passes in game. Simply follow these steps again to re-deploy the dishes.

5) Frequently the lights don't come on automatically after import. There are 2 tricks to getting them all back on. Go into workshop mode and grab then release the power conduits nearby, or grab the light and release it again. There are some tough to reach lights like under the UFO. To reach the conduits that power them, you will have to use the console and tcl to go under the platform to grab and release the conduits.

A big thank you to Izaharia, GroteGrottrol and DieFem for their efforts helping me rescue this build from a corrupted savegame and testing the blueprint! A special heartfelt thanks to DieFem for rescuing 99% of my beta build so I could finish this settlement!


Making your Transfer Settlements experience easier!

Blueprints with this badge are confirmed Vanilla Blueprints which were built using only settlement objects from the main game and official DLC.
No settlement objects from 3rd-party mods or the Creation Club are used in these blueprints.
F4SE, HUD Framework, and Transfer Settlements are the only mods required to use them.

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