Fallout 4
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Adds a lore friendly settlement at the Cambridge Police Station. Working vertibird helipad.

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Cambridge Police Station Settlement

Beta version. Use at own risk (I have tested early and mid game quest with no issues yet).
This makes all outside areas around the CPS buildable. As there are a lot of quests around that area you might mess one up if you go crazy deleting things or building too much stuff around the front.

Known issues: There is one issue I have not found a solution for yet - when you enter the area the settlement is available to build without waiting for all enemies to be cleared. Does not affect anything else though.

The difficulty is there are quite a few BOS quest there and it was a bit hard to create a settlement area without changing any of the BOS markers. I did have to add three key words to the location so it could be a settlement and moved some markers around on the roof as I had to raise it to make room for the second floor.

To access you need to enter the CPS interior then go down to the garage level and use the door. After you exit the CPS interior take a right and go up the stairs. There is a door on the second floor that accesses the settlement area from the interior however I would wait to use it until the area is cleared out or you are reasonably good at combat.

This settlement comes with all workbenches including the robotics workbench so you don't need charisma 6 and local leader 2. You can use as your own base or have settlers there. The settlers will enter the police station so you will occasionally see them in the interior. Has functional supply lines and you can assign settlers. To get a vertibird to land on the helipad use a fast travel marker as usual.

All areas are navmeshed except for the room with the stone floor.

If you notice any issues please let me know. Thanks.

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