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New Assaultron Limb and Armor Parts with 3 Melee Weapon Parts

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(UPDATE) v.2.2

- Rescaled ASBv2 Helm Cryo, Helm Saugus, Helm Tesla and Helm V1 down to 0.8 (request by FaithSinger)

-Added new Parts (request by dasmodem)
-ASBv2 Limb Legs W/F
-ASBv2 Left Leg armo W/F
-ASBv2 Right Leg armo W/F

W/F means with feet

Okay, Here we go~

Here's is my second attempt on making a mod. Now with 3 head parts and 3 melee weapon parts. hope you enjoy!

ASB v2 (Assaultron Brawler ver.2)

Limb Parts:
ASBv2 Limb Head
ASBv2 Left and Right Limb Arm
ASBv2 Limb Torso
ASBv2 Limb Legs

Weapon Parts:
ASBv2 CryoDaggers
ASBv2 SaugusGauntlets
ASBv2 TeslaClaws

Armor Parts:
ASBv2 Helm Cryo
ASBv2 Helm Saugus
ASBv2 Helm Tesla
ASBv2 Helm V1
ASBv2 Left and Right Arm armo
ASBv2 Front and Rear armo (tf and tb)
ASBv2 Left and Right Leg armo
ASBv2 Waist armo

The armor parts are based on Hydraulic armor parts of the assaultron
You can type "help ASBv2 4 misc" for the parts
ASBv2 CryoDaggers are based on assaultron stealth blade
ASBv2 SaugusGauntlets are based on shishkebab
ASBv2 TeslaClaws are based on hammersaw