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Allows you to have a teleport gun that teleports any person or creature into a grenade to be thrown.

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This mod allows you to modify any Institute pistol/rifle to teleport any person, creature, corpse, or robot into a grenade, which can then be thrown to retrieve them.

Note that they aren't in any specified grenade at this point. The grenade, when thrown, will retrieve the last person you shot with the teleport gun, then the next, then the next, until everyone is back in the world.

The teleport gun will not usually make people hostile, but it still does damage, so it's still possible to get a mob at you. It's safest to shoot at dead people.

To make a teleport gun, just install this mod, and change the barrel of your institute gun to the "teleporter" barrel.

The mod has a number of bugs though, and I can't promise that anyone you teleport won't be gone forever.

Leveled NPCs(Raiders Etc) tend to either not come back via a grenade, or they get resurrected when retrieved.

Consider the mod to be a bit of a beta.

Demonstration of the mod: