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SaveFile after Main Quest and Far Harbor Complete, Survival Mode Lvl 100+

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Just a save game from my recent playthrough, massive settlement building in several settlements, all settlements have provisioner links, level 125, main quest finished with 3 faction peace, MM BoS RR, Far Harbor also finished with all at peace, haven't touched nukaworld yet, lots of everything, Hangmans alley is main base, tons of legendaries, played on survival unmodded with all 6 addons, Perks for overkill, my version of the game has the yogui roast thing where it super boosts melee damage, also at a few points I got permanent perks from both a yogui roast and a grilled radstag, melee damage is overkill, vats is overkill, all done just in game, have fun with it.

Your main attack setup is VATS with overseers guardian for multi-target with critical headshots, you also have the Boomstick* (explosive shotgun) for open area croud control, and VATS blitz melee with rocket baseball bat. You also have Artillery and Vertabird signals.

Armor is currently freefall legs in heavy combat variant, chest is Atoms Bullwork, arms are legendary Recon Marine, clothes and hat have max lvl ballistic weave. You can survive quite well outside of power armor.

There's a fully upgraded X-01 power armor with tons of cores in the workbench, also a BoS power armor and the Tesla power armor at Hangmans alley, there's a few others at some settlements, 1 at redrocket, 1 at the railroad hq, vim one still at a farharbor settlement. I think you have an Atom Cats one at their garage.

Weapons are stored in safes near player's bed to keep settlers from grabbing them. All 20 bobble heads and 90 of the magazines. Every companion perk except Dance, was working on him last, and any companions from nukaworld since I haven't been there. Most companions are still at starting locations, Curry is at Hangmans alley, so is Ada, Strong is at Murkwater.

Vault 81 was done without getting bit, have to say that part took sooooooo many tries. LOL 

P.S. After downloading this back to myself I found that my computer will block the file and delete it when I start the game. If you open it's properties box you can unblock the file and it will load normally. Image included.