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3 new variants of all the disciples clothing and armour from the nuka-world dlc.

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Disciples Armour and Clothing Retexture
3 new variants of all the disciples clothing and armour from the nuka-world dlc.

There are 3 optional variants, the first is the rusty retexture, then there is the swamp retexture, and the edgy and annoying retexture.
The Rusty Retexture:
The rusty retexture aims to make the discipled armour fit in a bit better with the commonwealth raider style, with blue-ish steel with yellow paint splatter and orange rust all over it along with brown and pale cloth.
The Swamp Retexture:
The swamp retexture gives the discipled armour a more mucky, mouldy greenish colour and style, fitting in quite while in far harbour and other similarly swampy parts of the commonwealth.
The Edgy Dark Retexture:[/left]The edgy retexture, well, makes the discipled armour even more edgy than it already is, giving it a matte and oily black colour all over, its pretty edgy, but it works well with a lot of other armour and clothing in the commonwealth.

To install simply pick the variant you want and move the files into your fallout 4 data directory.

so yeah, enjoy the retextures