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Adds a scratch made Coco and Evil coco as playable Characters that use the Type 3 body so you can wear what you like!

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Hi everyone. Been a long absence but i'm still around.

This mod adds 2 different Cocos to use in the world of fallout 4.

Your probably thinking "what the hell, what made you do this?" but I'll explain. So i"ve been doing some commissions and some requests for mates when this project came up. "Remake coco from CTTR (Crash Tag team Racing) but keep her looking similar" So off i went. I tried staying true to the game's model so i actually had the game model wire framed on scene (still scratch made but not sure if that breaks regulations) to remake it as close to resemblance as possible but of course in much higher quality. It was then i got too burned out to learn this whole animating thing for my guns and so i thought "i made this just for a mate to make dance so lets do something else with it". And this was the answer! I also made a Evil Coco to go with it for the blokes that need her much requested return from a game she never made it through with.

Use NMM or some sort of mod manager.

The Big QUESTION! It's pretty simple really. It works alot like my other character mods on fallout NV but without the neck seams. Coco and Evil Coco's Skin tones are added to the looks menu in skin tones. Their heads however can be crafted at a chemistry station. Not hard to find since the word "COCO" sticks out like dog balls in the menu. once you equip both then you have your coco to use with any clothing you like. She replaces the "helmet" category so there may be some issues with some clothing.

First and Foremost! The faces don't animate. I tried all sorts of methods but got crashes. If anyone can point me somewhere to make them animate then ill happily make the effort.

Her pony tail doesn't wiggle! I tired to get it animate with the game but two things kept happening:
1. When using the bone weights of a skirt it just made a stretchy mess everywhere.
2. When using hair bone weights from a pony tail hair style they just stretch through the floor and make me look stupid.
But Again if anyone can help immerse the mod then share your knowledge. I'd be happy to make the effort!

MY HANDS ARE STILL SKIN COLOUR IN FIRST PERSON!? That's a weird one but know how to fix it. just equip a pair of gloves and then un-equip them. Smooth sailing there on.

Got a crash when trying to access the skin tones. This happens sometimes and no idea why since the skin tones are a creation kit only thing. No 3rd party assets are used to do it. My advice is open the looks menu (Console command is: "slm 14 1" and press enter) and change skin tone first thing. I find that works 90% of the time.

Crash was gonna be a part of it for the male Characters, and i did make one for this purpose but crash doesn't have a neck if you know what i mean. I tried rounding it off like a head and he just looked plain stupid so he had to be left out of it. Although i'm planning on a Cortex Which i know will work. We'll see how this goes first.

GaigeStorm: Meshes, Textures, Rigging and the pain in the ass creation kit.

XXXJackal853XXX: For giving me the idea to do the whole thing in the first place. DANCE BABY DANCE!

SimeonRapsito3: Showing me some things in the creation kit.

Activision, Naughty Dog, Vicarious Visions, Sierra, Travelers Tales, Universal Interactive: For giving us many years of Bandicoot N sanity!

Do not redistribute with explicit permission of GaigeStorm (me) or you'll gain a sudden love for Adam Lambert. If you already love him then you'll loose your love of him. THIS IS A VERY BAD THING!