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Have you ever wanted a place to just get away from it all? A Little Getaway nestled up in Them Thar Hills? (well maybe not so little lol ) Then This Blueprint is for you!

others you may want to add to control swithches and turrets )

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Welcome to Caladon's Mountain Retreat!

Have you ever wanted a place to just get away from it all? A Little Getaway nestled up in them thar hills? (well maybe not so little lol ) Then This Blueprint is for you!

This Blueprint is a Transfer Settlements Blueprint using Conquest to add a new, in world Settlement and adds a Multi-Story Building sprawling down the side of the Hill overlooking the Lake, and it is just West of Sunshine Trading Co-op. ( See Screenshots )
It features a Three-Tier Cascading Pool, Multiple hidden rooms, and all the Initial amenities you need for a new settlement such as Workbenches, Shops, Bar, Restaurant, Power Armor Stands, and more. It is fully Lit and Wired with a separate circuit for the Singing Settler ( To keep its terminal separate from any others you may want to add to control switches and turrets )

Mods Used

Required - Essential, if you don't want these then don't bother with this Blueprint

Fallout 4
DLC Wasteland Workshop
DLC Contraptions Workshop
Transfer Settlements
Castle in the Sky
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack

Recommended - Won't break without these but they do add a lot to the Blueprint.

B.Y.O.P. Build your own Pool ( This is not Essential because you can use the Water Markers in SOE but I prefer the Markers from B.Y.O.P. )
Singing Settler
Auto Doors
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)
Better Vendor Stalls
Snap Beds
Workshop Rearranged
Advanced Bubble Turret Set

Optional - This only adds 1 object, The Summon Button, I use it to add some pretty faces to my settlement but it is totally optional.

Hookers of the Commonwealth (HotC) - Settlement Edition 

Note: For those who have the Outcasts and Remnants Mod this build is next to Gabriel's Cabin but does not interfere with it.


Download with the Mod Manager of your choice and when running the install you will be prompted for which slot you want the blueprint installed in. ( Pick an empty slot or the existing blueprint will be overwritten! )

Once at the Large Rock on the Hill above the lake you will need to create a Conquest Settlement to get started. Build the Workbench in front of The Large Rock overlooking the Lake. ( see Picture 1 )

You don't Have to scrap anything but I usually clear off the trees as far down the hill as you can go and still be in workshop mode. You may need Scrap Everything to do this, but this is not a requirement.

Now Using Transfer Settlements Import Caladons Mountain Retreat from whatever slot you installed it in. If you are missing some of the Recommended or Optional mods it will generate an error. Installing anyway will simply skip those components.

Once the Import is complete, Save and Load the game as you should after any Import from Transfer Settlements.

Now Empty the Workbench of anything you scrapped ( or the game will lock up when disolving the settlement ) and Dissolve the original Settlement and Scrap the workbench.

Now Enter the new Settlement building and recreate the Conquest Settlement placing the Workbench on the far wall straight through the Front doors or 1 floor below the main floor across from the large rock ( See Picture 2 ) Placing the workbench here will allow the entire building to be editable, you will still need to either move or scrap 5 trees but that should be all.

As with all Conquest Settlements, There appears to be only One Attack Spawn Point about ten feet in front of the Workbench.  You Will want to set up defenses there as this Settlement will spawn Attackers and Settlers there.

I hope you enjoy this Settlement! If you do please Endorse and I would love to have you add screenshots of your decorated version! Please no Nudity as this will be marked as SFW

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