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New world space, new quest, new items, gore, blood!

Permissions and credits

Huntsville, a small peaceful town in the heart of Missouri. 
Or so it was before the Creep and his Raiders showed up. 
The settlers were forced from their homes to take up refuge in the old high school. 
Far sicker and more deranged than the typical raider, 
can these foul beings be stopped?

First off, read the import notes, how to start the quest and the known issues BEFORE posting an issue. If you post about something already covered on this page, I will ignore your post. 
I wanted to make a horror mod for Halloween. So, I created my hometown, Huntsville, MO, in the Fallout universe and came up with an original story based off of horror icons. From Classic horror slashers to found-footage jump scares and new-age horror, the characters all show pretty recognizable features (if you're as crazy about blood and gore as I am, anyway). 

Talk to Johnathon inside the Dugout Inn in Diamond City to start the questline.

This is a BETA!!! I want feedback! Think something should be changed? added? LET ME KNOW! Find a bug? Please report it! 
This mod was a little bit rushed. I decided I wanted to make a horror mod for Halloween and didn't have much time, so while the quest is fully completable, not everything is very pretty.

I need feedback FAST! I really, REALLY want to get a stable version released on consoles BEFORE Halloween. If you play this mod, I NEED to know if something doesn't work for you. I also love suggestions! If there's something you'd like to see added to the mod comment it and if I like it I'll try to put it in.

I've got a lot more story planned, including a lot of backstory on characters already in the mod and characters who haven't even been introduced yet. However, my priorities are:
Technical > cosmetic > furthering the story.

I'm also a student. I'm typing this as I study for midterms, typically my classes seem to get a ton harder during the second half of the semester, so cosmetic updates might not be seen until December. HOWEVER, I will be supporting the mod and fixing any issues that may arise in a timely manner.

A new world space to explore
A horror-themed questline
A new horror-rock/metal radio station
New clothing
New masks
New weapons

To get the very most out of the questline, you pretty much NEED pip-boy flashlight. Though, it is playable without the mod, it really helps set up the jump scares.

Please use NMM (or other manager) it's just so much easier... Otherwise, you probably know what you're doing anyway.

Johnathon does NOT tolerate friendly fire. I'm not 100% sure how to fix that, but it's one of the first things I plan to fix. If you accidentally attack him, I'm afraid you'll have to reload the game to get things back on track (or use console commands).

After the key to the school's gym is obtained, sometimes the quest marker tells you to go back through the cafeteria and outside. I'm not sure why. Using the gym door is much faster.

The LOD is a bit strange on trees. This didn't seem like a big enough issue to rush into fixing, expect lots of other small updates/fixes before the trees are made LOD pretty.

In some of the scenes, the NPC's run around unnecissarily... I don't know why, but it's planned to be fixed at some point!
Sometimes AI Packages don't fire for the Settler's in Westran. At once sometimes they work and sometimes they just stand around... I have no clue how to fix this at once it's not every time.

The Jump scares are off... You barely see the NPC before he's gone again... Plan to fix this after midterm exams.

Murdering Chainsaw: THESE MODS WORK TOGETHER - However, only the mod loaded last will play "true" chainsaw animations, if you have both, I suggest loading my mod last ONLY until you finish the questline to get the most out of the horror, then load Murdering Chainsaw last after finishing my mod, as my mod only adds one chainsaw with no upgrades.

Fixes missing masks from 0.07
Fixes missing scars/makeup
Fixes weapon/ammo count in Jonathon's inventory
Removes the Creep after scene
Fixes quest marker for objective "go to the court house"
Reaper now initiates combat as intended
Reaper's mask can now be looted from his corpse
Fixes quest marker for objectives "go to the library" and "go to the gym".
-0.05 Beta-
Initial Beta release

Colt1911 (Lucky 13 retexture made by me) - leo2link
Juggernaut's Chainsaw - TrickyVein
M82a3 - amoveve (original new vegas mod by AlexScorpion)
Reaper's Sword - SeanS16
Shotguns - Hallgarth
Mandy's Outfit - GrinnginUrchen
If I've used your assets and forgotten to credit you LET ME KNOW!!!