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NOTE: If you are currently in a playthrough where

A: Preston will not talk to you because you engaged in the content of the Nuka World DLC
B: Have the notorious bug where the radiant quest system implodes and simply stops providing quests at all
C: Alienated and pissed off every settlement that could possibly provide you with a radiant

this mod will probably not fix the issue and just fill up your load order even more. You can try it to see if it helps, but the bugs with the radiant system are engine bugs and cannot be easily remedied by modding. This is just for people who enjoy radiant quests, memes, or both.

I, for one, was disappointed in the infrequent nature of Preston Garvey's radiant quests. After the initial push to get your first batch of settlements, it's as if all the work that needed to be done for the good of the commonwealth dried up. This ESP contains 3 changes.

1. You can hold a maximum of 50 minutemen quests in your list at once.
2. You have a 1000% chance of receiving a radiant when talking to Preston.
3. You have a 1000% chance of receiving a radiant when listening to Radio Freedom.

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