Horizon - Chickens and Rabbits BALANCE Patch with new food recipes by inkblack85
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Added: 07/10/2017 - 05:56PM
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Last updated at 16:26, 12 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 17:56, 7 Oct 2017

What is Commonwealth Chickens and Rabbits? In a nutshell, it adds the chickens and rabbits from Far Harbor to the commonwealth. and it adds chicken eggs to eat and cook with. and more. As of Horizon v1.3, chickens and rabbits are automatically integrated into zawinul's meat scraps, diseased meat, etc. system.

Goal of this patch:
This Patch aims to allow you to benefit from the aesthetics and funniness of Commonwealth Chickens and Rabbits while also allowing you to use the full functionality of the mod and not worry about breaking the balance of your playthrough. It is not intended that you use CCR to add more animals to hunt, rather this patch allows you to loot chickens, rabbit, and chicken nests freely without worry of unbalancing your playthrough while enjoying the liveliness of CCR.

What this patch does:
- food crafting for eggs, chicken thighs, and rabbit legs: balanced recipes in the spirit of Horizon and added 4 new recipes to make use of all the chickens in the commonwealth. there's a simple, large and exotic meal for each material.
- Items are all tagged for horizon
- textures are fixed stemming from the original mod (hopefully Jet4571  updates and fixes his very cool mod because i would have to learn Nifscope to do a real fix-up job) at the moment Nif's from other food items are used in place of missing textures. (dunno if that sentence makes sense)
Update v1.2:
- balanced level lists for wild nests and workshop nest.
- added cracked eggs to level list: cracked eggs are sorted as Misc. utility items not junk
- added robotics lab workshop recipe for turning 10 cracked eggs into fertilizer (just like zawinul did with fishing rods)
- added Strewn Nest to WildNestLL (strewn nest is junk; one packing material)
- added survivalist rank 1 requirement for crafting nests in workshop
- Summary: you no longer get 4 raw eggs from every harvest; only cracked eggs until lvl5, lvl5-15 you get one egg, lvl15-25 you get 2, past lvl25 you get 3; Wild nest loot, you no longer get 4 eggs and one nest - you get one egg, 3 cracked eggs and one strewn nest until lvl4, lvl4-8 you have 50% chance to get one more raw egg, lvl8+ you have a 33% chance to get 3 eggs and an intact wild nest which can be used to create a workshop nest.
Update v1.3:
- Just a bug fix, might have been just my copy. Some recipes lost their Hz Keyword reference, dunno why. Caused an extra, dummy/bugged category in the cooking menu. if this happens to you, don't select it you'll have to reload your previous save or console exit the cook station.
Future plans:

- Make sure CCR stays balanced
- Make sure my added recipes stay balanced
- Get user feedback
- Possibly, but probably not, work the nest harvesting into the horizon harvest system. this would require a lot of thought. maybe, i'll get some ideas for this but I don't think I'll be able to turn CCR into an active part of the horizon settlement system.

and yeah, that's about it. It's my first time using the CK but i think i've caught all my mistakes up to this point. lemme know if i can make anything better. I will not really know how well this is balanced until i start a new playthrough with horizon v1.3. also, your feed back will help a lot too. the recipes are most likely not OP, the idea is that you now have some options for crafting with all the new mats in the commonwealth, not to make your life any easier. but who knows, you might be a vicious chicken killer and totally exploit their lack of intelligence and general friendly disposition toward you, your call!!

Requirements: Commonwealth Chickens and Rabbits by jet4571Horizon by Zawinul
and Far Harbor

My other patches:
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Also of some interests: I made a patch for Commonwealth Chickens and rabbits and Scrap Dead things which creates
the cool effect of being able to pick up and move the chickens in your
settlements when you use Place Everywhere or another scrap moving mod.
if you use place everywhere this patch is of little interest because you
can build on top of chickens no problem, but yea.

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Thanks to Zawinul and Jet4571