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This adds the French Maid Outfit to FO4 converted from the original mod by Backsteppo for FO3. This is an 8 piece Outfit Set with several different modifiable options including Ballistic Weave, and Different Colors. Version 1.2 Update: Feather Duster "Weapon" ADDED! 1 Mod for it as well.

Permissions and credits
I am here again to prove that there is a very fine line between SFW and NSFW... Demonetizers from YouTube wont care though.  Please no nudes if you add pictures to this, as image verification is off, and I am marking this SFW (yet Skimpy).

Version 1.2 Update:  Feather Duster "Weapon" has been made (by myself) and added.  1 Mod is available for it, look in the comments for screenshots and more information.

This Armor is for Females with the CBBE and CBBE Physics body types only.  This Outfit no longer discriminates toward male characters as the Version 1.1 Updated added support for them.  Female Characters must be of the CBBE or CBBE Physics Body Type to equip this.  All the BodySlide files for the corresponding body type that you wish are included with the download.  Males can edit the outfit parts in the Armor Workbenches without a problem and give them to female companions or settlers to wear.

Thank You to stonefisher for making this conversion request.

The beautiful Sianna is modeling the French Maid Outfit, here is her preset if you would like to check it out -> Click Me!

This Outfit comes with 8 Different Pieces.  5 of these Pieces will need to be built in BodySlide to match your CBBE Body if desired.

French Maid Blouse*:  10 Armor Rating – Counts as Under Armor for the Torso when worn – 16 Cloth, 2 Plastic, 4 Leather, and 4 Adhesive are required to craft the French Maid Blouse.  Weighs 3 Lbs.

French Maid Shoes and Stockings*:  10 Armor Rating - Counts as Under Armor for both your Right and Left legs and as the Body Slot (33) when worn - 10 Cloth, 6 Rubber, 2 Leather, and 2 Adhesive are required to craft the Shoes and Stockings – Weighs 3 Lbs.

French Maid Panties*:  5 Armor Rating – Counts as Slot 54 when worn – 8 Cloth, 2 Adhesive, and 4 Leather are required to craft Pantsu for your Maids – Weighs 1 Lb.

French Maid Skirt*:  10 Armor Rating – Counts as Slot 55 when worn – 16 Cloth, 6 Leather, and 4 Adhesive are required to craft the Skirt – Weighs 2 Lbs.

French Maid Short Skirt*:  10 Armor Rating - Counts as Slot 55 when worn - 10 Cloth, 6 Leather, and 2 Adhesive are required to make the Short Skirt - Weighs 2 Lbs.

French Maid Choker:  8 Armor Rating - Counts as Neck (Slot 50) when worn - 6 Cloth, 2 Leather, and 2 Adhesive are required to make the Choker - Weighs 1 Lb.

French Maid Headband:  2 Armor Rating – Counts as the Headband Slot (46) when equipped – 6 Cloth and 2 Plastic are required to make the Headband – Weighs 1 Lb.

French Maid Cuffs:  2 Armor Rating - Counts as Under Armor for both Right and Left Arms when worn - 6 Cloth, 4 Plastic, 2 Leather, and 2 Adhesive are required to make the Cuffs - Weighs 2 Lbs.

* - These are the parts that will require you to build them in BodySlide to fit your character.

Each piece of this outfit is it's own part so you can mix and match pieces all you want even with other Armor Sets or in game Armor / Outfits.

All of the parts of this Armor can be color changed in some way, even if it just between Black and White.  Leading to a very large number of combinations of colors that you can create with this outfit.

There are two parts of this Outfit you can add Ballistic Weave to:  French Maid Blouse, and French Maid Shoes and Stockings.

There are four parts of this Outfit that have the Legendary Attach Point added to it:  French Maid Blouse, French Maid Shoes and Stockings, French Maid Skirt, and French Maid Short Skirt.

I have taken the liberty of making ESL files for both of the ESP files, and they work flawlessly in game without taking up any of that horribly limited 255 ESP limit.  These will be an optional download for anyone wanting to try them out, and I will link you to my Tutorial of how to manually enable/disable them.

Do not mix and match CBBE and CBBEPhysics Armor parts or you will get breast clipping while moving or jumping, these parts are labeled in game either CBBE or CBBEPhysics at the end of the Armor name.

You might run into some minor bone weighting issues especially with extremely bendy or flexible poses, but I did this as best as I could.  However, I know more about it now than I used to and leg clipping has been entirely removed.

Any CBBE Physics Body issues will still persist with the CBBE Physics version of this armor.  Make sure to not only build the Armor and its pieces to your body but also build the body itself to CBBE Physics.

Full Credit for the Armor and it's concept goes to this awesome person.  Thank You to him!  I just converted it for use in Fallout 4.

Backsteppo – For creating this great Outfit and allowing free use of the assets within.

I recommend using NMM to install this, then just activate the ESP. (Either One of the Two or Both, but if you get Both don't mix and match parts.)

If you do not use NMM then just copy the mods Data folder into the Data Folder of your game and activate the ESP file.

ESL files are different, for game version 1.10.20 or later, and NMM will not recognize them.  If you have the updated game and want to come into the modern age of plugin files for Fallout 4, but do not know what you are doing or how to enable or disable them manually please follow the link that I will post in the Download Section for help.  We don't need that stupid 255 mod limit anymore!

Bethesda for making Fallout 4
Backsteppo for the Beautiful Outfit
The makers of FO4Edit
ousnius for BodySlide and Outfit Studio, also the Material Editor
Caliente and ousnius for the CBBE Body Base
The makers of NifSkope
The makers of Paint.Net
stonefisher for his Request
Yusei0 for making a Male Version of this Outfit

Anybody else that I am forgetting (seriously if I forgot you give me a PM and I will gladly add you)

Shademzu for all of the pictures, word art, and starting video that you see on this mod page.

This Armor was converted by me to FO4 from a Skyrim Mod using BodySlide, Outfit Studio, Material Editor, NifSkope, Paint.Net, FO4Edit, and a lot of patience… and cuss words.

This mod contains 69.1337% French Maid by volume.  

Please enjoy irresponsibly as always.