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··· Calamity Weathers ···
by Arindel

Tell me stranger, have you ever wished an atmosphere akin to Metro 2033/Last Light? Feel like vanilla is too cartoony and colorful? If that's the case, I have just the right mod for you!

Calamity Weathers overhauls the weathers and lighting to provide a more stark graphical look worthy of the post apocalyptic world. The general idea is to replicate the atmosphere that Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light games had and in my opinion, I think I did well, but that feeling varies by person.

Enabling HBAO is strongly recommended for maximum depth since the shading is setup differently to maximize visibility and make character skins more pronounced, less dead looking.

 - Complete graphical overhaul
 - Additional weathers
 - Dark and spooky nights
 - Radstorms hits harder now, pack y'all Rad-X
 - Louder rain & thunder sounds

Recommended mods:
 - Vivid Fallout - All in One: This is a great mod to make the image harsher furthermore, very recommended!
 - Louder Rainy Sound: Another great recommendation if you want to increase rain/thunder volume even more. The way I increased rain/thunder volume is through removing the attenuation in the plugin itself. No file sound edits in Calamity Weathers.
 - Fallout 4 Seasons - Grass - Trees - Plants - Snow: The best mod when it comes to transforming the game into a winter game. Be sure to use Calamity Weathers - Winter Climate in tandem with this.

 - Not compatible with other weather mods. Use only one weather mod at a time.
There won't be patches for True Storms or any other weather mod.

 - You are not allowed to upload Calamity Weathers to other websites or reupload to NexusMods.com.

There won't be a PS4 version since it uses custom assets. Apologies for this, it's just not possible.