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Adds Captain's Blend and Quartz Power Armors

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Hello All,

After Playing through Far Harbor and finding that it only had two power armors, even though the DLC suggests a third. I decided to add two power armors to the game. First the Captain's Blend (X0-1) Power Armor to account for the stolen PA in the story which is found in Copland's Basement Armory and Second the Vim Quartz (T-60) because I found an extra frame at Brookes Head Lighthouse. The Mod also gives the standard VIM PA and the Refresh PA a clean texture without all the scratches.

Normally I mod only for my self because I am not very good at it, but I felt these PAs should have been included since the story it self alludes to at least a third PA. So here they are.  

Optional File 1.2.2
Made The Captain's Blend Shoulders Read Left to Right instead Of Right to Left

File Update 1.2
Fixed Captain's Blend to properly give charisma and Quartz to give intelligence

Optional 1.2.1
Same Fix

File Update 1.1
Lessened Noise 
Removed Blurring
made original normals standard
This made the armors far more detailed

Optional File 1.1.2
Added Asymmetrical arms for the X-01 and T60 so the decals are not mirrored