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LUT file for weather/lighting authors. Only intended for authors, does nothing on its own.

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LUT Color Correction - modders resource
by Arindel

LUT file that can be used by weather/lighting authors and can be used with ENB if you wish so.
Inside the package you'll find the screenshots shown on this page, a LUT_File.PSD file and LUT_File.DDS
The PSD file is only if you want to further edit the LUT, be sure to check out the Photoshop_DDS_settings.png.

The LUT does two things:
1. Increases contrast
2. Decreases saturation on the dark colors while also increases saturation for bright colors. This creates a Metro style color pallete.

The LUT has been built with the following imagespace settings:

So... why did I make this file?
One of the problems I found with the FO4 rendering engine is that the contrast is awful. Awful. I can't even emphasize how awful the game's contrast is.
Any amount of contrast increase beyond 1.0 creates black crushing that is absolutely inconceivable for anyone working with graphics.
This is where LUT files saves the day. LUT is capable of doing good contrast (among other things) and the contrast setting from the game can be ignored and left on 1.0.