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Grants your and your spouse's ring function beyond the sentimental value.

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I've been wondering what to do with those rings. Keep them, as my character would? Or just sell them?

Now I have an answer: keep them of course! They are useful.

Player's ring grants +1 to Strength and Endurance to the wearer.
Spouse's ring grants +1 to Intelligence and Perception.
(Before it was Nate's and Nora's rings, thus the effects were lore friendly, but Beth changed things around)

With 1.55 the rings have the dynamic naming enabled, so the various sorting mods can sort them as they want.

Update: Return of the Mix & Match
The previously available option to select your desired effect combination is back.
Furthermore, in these optional file the spouse rings occupy a currently unused (as far as Armorsmith's slot list cares) slot 59, so you can now equip both the player and the spouse rings, or use the main file player ring with one of the optional spouse rings as override (in this case the override should be lower in your load order naturally)

Just paste in your Data folder/install with NMM, and of course have mods enabled in your .ini file.

Should you have lost, sold or otherwise misplaced the rings here are the item IDs
Player - 0008925c
Spouse - 0007c70c

Made with FO4Edit. Enjoy

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