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Cleans up the Piles of TRASH, not Rubble, throughout Diamond City and the Commonwealth.

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The reason for making this mod.


Tired of seeing the Big Green Jewel of the Commonwealth treated like it's the big Trash Bag of the Commonwealth?  This is a Trash Removal Overhaul of Diamond City.  This modifies the Trash and Debris Textures used in Diamond City and Through the rest of the Commonwealth.

- Please give me some suggestions on what you'd like fixed if these replacements haven't done so!  :)


Currently Working On:
- Optional Lower Quality, and Higher Quality Textures
- Optimizing the Textures to reduce File Sizes without impact to the visuals
- Complete Trash Removal Overhaul from populated Commonwealth Cities/Areas.
- Trash Removal from the Riverbeds and other water sources.

*The trash being removed from the textures will not take away from the rubble, i'm simply going through and remaking the textures to remove the obvious nasty trash from all the textures around the Commonwealth.  Crushed Soda Cans, Egg Cartons, Milk Jugs, Cans of aluminum (The flat textured ones, not the objects), etc will be removed from the textures.


Change log v3:
- Original File upload included more Trash Removal than just the one used in Diamond City and impacted more of the Commonwealth. Fixed.
- Two Separate file downloads.  One for just impacting Diamond City (This will replace any textures that Diamond City uses in the Commonwealth), and One that replaces All the Trash's Main Textures for All of the Commonwealth (Use the Optional FIle).
- Now removes trash textures placed far too often.  Really sick of those Crushed Aluminum Soda Cans everywhere!
- Cleans some of the trash out of rubble piles.  Don't need to see cans in the rubble of a blown down wall, no reason it should be there.

I have a normal job, so work on this won't be overnight. However updates will continue until I complete the Plans for the Future with this mod. Please feel free to request or critique. I'm new to modding, but am also a perfectionist, so I will try my best to learn what I need to learn to make this a great mod.

Thanks everybody! <3