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About this mod

This mod adds 18 helmets, 26 hats, 4 glasses, 3 goggles, and 3 masks as wearable, upgradeable armor for Dogmeat. 924 different combinations in total!

Permissions and credits
If you are updating from version 1.0 you can safely download the new version and overwrite all files. A new script will be added to inject the new DLC headwear into the leveled lists.

Please note I am using a modified Dogmeat texture and ears in my pictures, this mod does not edit Dogmeat in any way!

The lack of Dogmeat headwear in the base game is downright abusive! Protect what you love and add some well needed decoration to your best friend! This mod adds 54 helmets, hats, goggles, and glasses for a total of 924 different combinations! These are also upgradeable and of course, can be worn by Dogmeat. 19 of these require all DLC, but there are optional versions that do not require DLC. It also adds most of these to the raider dog leveled list via script, so the raider dogs will occasionally spawn with one of these instead of the default dog armor.

I have also uploaded three optional files.

  • The first enlarges the model of Dogmeat's bandana slightly so it will go over the K-9 Harness Armor that most of us are probably using. Click here for a preview. This does replace the vanilla Dogmeat bandana mesh, but it is unlikely anyone else has modified this, so conflicts are unlikely. This also means it should work with almost every added Dogmeat bandana.
  • The second optional file requires DLC and includes the [Dog] sorting tags for sorting mods. Overwrite your original ESP.
  • The third optional file is neutered, it does not require DLC, it still includes the [Dog] sorting tags. Overwrite your original ESP.

Please feel free to submit pictures from your adventures!


  • No conflictions
  • 26 Hats (4 unique - Piper hat, BoS Airship Captain hat, Captain Ironside's hat, Oswald's tophat)
  • 18 Helmets (4 unique - Mascot helmet, Tinker helmet, High Confessor's Helm, Inquisitor's Helmet)
  • 4 Glasses (Fashionable, Patrolman, Cappy, Operators)
  • 3 Goggles (Wraparound, Road Goggles, Operators)
  • 3 Masks (Butcher, Carnival, Crow)
  • Each item can be upgraded
  • Each item is craftable
  • Added to dog leveled list via script, except uniques
  • Optional files for no DLC and sorting mods, as well as an Xbone version.

How to Install/Uninstall

Activating the mod through NMM will correctly install it, just do the opposite to uninstall.

How to Build

Every piece of armor can be found in the Chem Station in a new category called 'Dog Hats and Helmets'. You will need the default helmet/hat/etc, material to expand the width of the item (2 cloth/steel/leather/plastic), and 1 adhesive to create the dog version of the helmet. How else do you think they stay on Dogmeat's head?

How to Upgrade

These can be upgraded like any vanilla armor, simply modify it through the armor workbench.

Where to Find

Most of these can be found on the raider dogs, you will occasionally find a piece of this armor instead of the default dog armor.


My mod feature (version 1.0) starts at 5:33. Thank you to AlChestBreach for featuring my mod.

Xbone version available on Bethesda.net.

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