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An armor mashup of Maxson's Battlecoat and Kellogg's Outfit.

Permissions and credits
This armor is a mashup of Kellogg's Outfit sans the metal arm gauntlet and Maxson's Battlecoat. The Armor is craftable at the Armorsmith workbench under rugged, is fully modable, and ballistic weave ready. Legendary Effects can be applied if you are using a mod that allows you to add them.

This armor is intended to be male exclusive, it apparently works for females, but is bulkier than normal female armors. There is some slight clipping if you make your characters fat.

The mod has faction symbols for each of the factions crafted at an armor workbench after you have crafted the coat. Symbols are free to craft. 

Default (i.e. no symbols)

Ad Victorium - Brotherhood
-Adds BoS shoulder patch, rank symbol determined by which one you craft

Mankind Redefined - Institute
-Adds Institute shoulder patch

At a Minute's Notice - Minutemen
-Adds Minutemen shoulder patch

Freedom Express - Railroad
-Adds Railroad shoulder patch

Install with Nexus Mod Manager or just unzip into your main Fallout 4 directory.

Modular Battle Coat
Ballistic: 80
Energy: 30
Radiation: 0
Weight: 20 lbs
Value: 5000
+2 Charisma

The stats are a straight up combination of the two armors together.

This mod requires Armorsmith Extended and Armor Keywords to craft the armor; otherwise, you will have to add it via the console:
help modular 0 armo
player.additem XXXXX

The textures for this mod were made by,

CordisMARKI -,
Draco1122 -,
& me.

Thanks to BigAndFlabby for helping to get material swap to work and esp cleaning.

Tools Used:
Gimp + dds Plugin
Material Editor
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio