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Invest a couple more hours in Fallout 4 to clean up raiders and gunners around the Sanctuary Hills area with a new level 1 or 2 character, sharpen your survival skills and generate a score to benchmark your performance.

The quest should take between 12 to 24 in-game hours (2 to 4 hours IRL) to complete, depending on how familiar you are with the area and your propensity to sprint, sneak and sleep-save. Following the quest will generate 3 or 4 experience levels, ending in a tactical engagement 
that should be a proper challenge for low level survival skills. 

Each stage has clear objective navigation markers documented in the Pip-Boy quest section [press C to display]. There are some popup suggestions, readme notes and one quick dialogue scene to help. On completion you are given a performance score.

The quest is about being efficient at killing, so is carefully provisioned for sneak and ranged snipe to not die a lot. You don't need to influence, buy, sell, build or craft anything to complete so ditch the junk. Except adhesive - never drop adhesive. Using power armor, VATS or console will spoil the experience, so be patient and just learn to shoot straight rookie. Jet based chems may help in hard times, and choose perks wisely: Gun Nut, Rifleman and Sneak were regulars during testing.

Quest conditions: 
You will need to provide a new character, or an early savegame. The quest will start between V111 exit and Sanctuary, or on save game load if you are already active. Best is a new disposable character fresh out of V111, just ignore Codsworth's oily bleating and the default Out of time quest.

  1. The game must be in survival mode for the quest to start and continue running. It's supposed to be tough.
  2. If the character is over level 2 the quest won't start. Too easy.
  3. If you enter power armor the quest will stop. Too easy.
  4. If you console stats or perks, scoring is disabled. Pointless.

This is supposed to be hard: If you enjoy the early game challenge of cracking tough objectives at the lowest level with minimum equipment and zero cheats this is for you. If your style is more massive dpm and airstrikes, not so much.

 is factored from level (lower better), time taken (faster better) and quest kills (target number) with a benchmark score of 300. If you would post, PM or Discord your final score stats along with the number of hours you have in Fallout 4, that will help to develop the scoring system. 

Compatibility: The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any base game assets or objects. It’s 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and scripts.

Installation: Copy SKKSurvival.esp and SKKSurvival – Main.BA2 and SKKSurvivial – Textures.BA2 to your ...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever.

Removal: is the reverse with no dependencies or persistence, just disable and delete the 3 files. Note the two placed SKK crates will disappear so don’t leave anything useful in them if you want to continue the savegame after uninstall. The SKK levelled items are persistent and yours to keep in perpetuity.

Jobs to be done:
  • Some debug log output is still enabled. For support.
  • Detect VATS usage for a score penalty. Too easy.
  • Detect Stimpack use, or any healing, for score penalty.  Sneak and retreat more.

:  When I read that people believe they have “beat” the Fallout quests (yeah, like I beat that story book to death), it got me thinking that some sort of actual competition may be interesting for the Fallout world.

Of course it can’t be multiplayer, so this is the first step to test some mechanics that should result in a PUBG like quest: time bound constraining area forcing equiv-tech NPC hunter-seekers to the player. Proper hard as nails survival. Naturally console commands and mods will make it difficult to keep things level, but interesting to see what happens.

For anyone itching to trash the concept “if you have to ask why, there is no answer that will satisfy you” so in the immortal words of Codsworth: just bugger off.

PC nexusmods.com or bethesda.net
XBOX bethesda.net
PlayStation® is unsupported due to Sony Corp. content restrictions

Thanks to: MoreMapMarkers for the non-canonical but excellent location names of unmarked wilderness traders. The Nexusmodders forum for helping to unpick less well documented CK Papyrus functions. St3lla_OW for voice and testing.

You may also enjoy: ClassicFM Radio (50 sounds to snipe by) which compliments the quest style.