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Overhaul optimization of all Base Game and DLC Texture BA2's.
40,962 textures. 4.54 -7.66 GB total.

Permissions and credits

PhyOp (Light) Potato Version 4.54 GB Total

PhyOp 1.2 Preview

Overhaul optimization of all Base Game and DLC Texture BA2's.

40,962 textures. 4.54 - 7.66 GB total.

Reduced Base Game total .ba2 size from 13.5 GB down to 3.43 - 6.22 GB.

Reduced DLC total .ba2 size from 4.0 GB down to 1.10 - 1.45 GB.

PhyOp 1.2:
  • Custom, Dark and Light version.
  • Higher quality than 1.1 (Performance may vary from 1.1 as it adds more weight to the textures.)
  • Adjusted 4,586 normal map textures from all categories except LOD and Terrain.
  • Reverted all 1k Vehicle normal maps from 512 to 1k.
  • The new normal maps reflect light better, look better in the rain and improve shiny metals.
  • Reduced 1,454 diffuse face customization textures from 1024 to 512.
  • Added Original Pipboy for Custom Base Game 1.2 in the optional downloads.

PhyOp (Light) Version:
  • Close to the same lightness of the base game.
  • Performance version added for low end machines. (There will be some quality loss.)
  • Potato version added for lower end machines and handhelds. (A bit more quality loss than the performance version on some things.)

PhyOp (Dark) Version:
  • Slighty darker version of the base game.

PhyOp (Custom) Version:
  • The same as the (Dark) version except Custom changed weapons, armor, clothes, power armor, robots, monsters and pipboy.

PhyOp Base Game Replaces:
  • Fallout4 - Textures1.ba2
  • Fallout4 - Textures2.ba2
  • Fallout4 - Textures3.ba2
  • Fallout4 - Textures4.ba2
  • Fallout4 - Textures5.ba2
  • Fallout4 - Textures6.ba2
  • Fallout4 - Textures7.ba2
  • Fallout4 - Textures8.ba2
  • Fallout4 - Textures9.ba2

PhyOp DLC Replaces:
  • Coast - Textures.ba2
  • NukaWorld - Textures.ba2
  • Robot - Textures.ba2
  • Workshop01 - Textures.ba2
  • Workshop02 - Textures.ba2
  • Workshop03 - Textures.ba2

NMM automatically backups the existing .ba2 files.

Backup the existing texture .ba2's just in case.

Install with NMM.

PhyOp (Custom) Base Game 1.2a - SHA256: 11638578C4948E2623CEEA6F0646C07AB3DB055B52103AC7B7871C66BAC9696E
PhyOp (Custom) DLC 1.2a - SHA256: 660EECBDC1F96035F4ED2B3B9B8B2BA834984F44BD9FD10D6CC34500DCB1D51D
PhyOp (Dark) Base Game 1.2a - SHA256: ECF2D5F38A8934B9FDFDA6D57F2A2038E5AA7F020CCD1CC90C94D3504E6AD7DB
PhyOp (Dark) DLC 1.2a - SHA256: 955B0C11B255B3EBE2262B8EDB19861FAED746B64CD3E2BDED3C4B482CB1BAAC
PhyOp (Light) Base Game 1.2a - SHA256: 4D807797112CDFDF32541A242A4F9E50CDC0F81B339AC9BF4D6636C1EBCCA07B
PhyOp (Light) DLC 1.2a - SHA256: D40FFE36D599B0FDAA89F4ABD05A1911A41C7EC5B0EEC827AC04E60AB4166307
PhyOp (Custom) Performance Base Game 1.2a - SHA256: E3D1890E78C6AE2BD1DB393FD5DB4B000A8A80E2BC868F7AC167227BE4E4D734
PhyOp (Custom) Performance DLC 1.2a - SHA256: 22FEDE9726B85F62AEAC7F3C27749901A7A0A56912F4933949000737C5EFEBAE
PhyOp (Dark) Performance Base Game 1.2a - SHA256: 88673D9E80517E1F10EEB3B172DC4C6B57A9506C331BCBB449386DAA430A2278
PhyOp (Dark) Performance DLC 1.2a - SHA256: 09A0FD27ED49F5F91858BB68AE7AA6E4EE9AB457A4F9B6298660B4FF1381B51F
PhyOp (Light) Performance Base Game 1.2a - SHA256: 2312B24C6B362E0FC470AC52ADBAD1E39A2D49BF6895750017986F64F4F581BC
PhyOp (Light) Performance DLC 1.2a - SHA256: 807177A8B0B6AC6168F4BB8AA25E3439C7838D45A189E6B03363A9D51CF08C84
PhyOp (Light) Potato Base Game 1.2a - SHA256: 24ED29AA83B95413876FE404B272B2C7CA4EAE6C91DD317F217B96E7BB300AC1
PhyOp (Light) Potato DLC 1.2a - SHA256: 13BC6DF3F670C4C9A44295F48FFC6ECB37DBE0EFC41A7ABFC83BF03FE4ADD5C5

What I did:
  • Reduced 4k textures to 2k (with exceptions).
  • Reduced 2k textures to 1k (with exceptions).
  • Reduced 1k normals and speculars to 512 (with exceptions).
  • Kept 1k diffuse at 1k resolution.
  • Reduced 512 Terrain to 256 resolution.
  • Kept all other 512 and under at normal resolution.
  • Changed lightness, sharpened, reduced resolution, desaturated, replaced color, selective color, changed hue, changed saturation, black and white, HDR toning  and/or other things to all files.
  • Converted non-alpha files that were saved as alpha to non-alpha.
  • Saved non-alphas as BC1 , BC3 or BC5. Saved alphas as BC3 or BC7 formats.
  • All files have been sharpened.
  • Generated new mipmaps for all files that have mipmaps.
  • All 40,962 textures have been modified and saved with Photoshop.
  • Any files I keep at the original resolution I still modify in Photoshop.
  • Archived all files in DDS optimized archives with custom single mip chunk area.

Mainly used Photoshop with Intel Texture Works plugin.

Batched what I could using a programmable mouse, PS4 controller, wireless mouse and keyboard.

I did the rest manually.

I did this all from bed, doing what I could, when I could. (I have a autoimmune disease with heart and lung problems.)

Please do not use in any repacks.