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Aliens are becoming a problem in the CommonWealth. Question is...what are you going to do about it?

Permissions and credits
1.3.3 - Playable Xeno is partially in now.  (use a ChemStation to make Gene Manipulator and Gene Repair.
They're pretty self explanatory. So far only option is the Humanoid with a tale.                      
- Reduced some of the file sizes so it's not as bad of a download                                                  
 - random tweaks                                                                                                                                    

1.3.2 - Fixed some the VATS body parts for a few creatures.
                                     - Fixed Companion 111x04's Inventory (lets you open inventory now) 
            - Added a Pink Tuxedo for him for upcoming Valentine's
                                 - Changed a few things around in the "Stand your Ground" (Still WIP,
    I've found the NavMesh is weird at WaldenPond)

Let's Find Charlie Mini Quest. Talk to Becky Fallon.
Arena style Quest, Definitely go in prepared! my testing showed you need some good
running speed...and stimpacks)
Added a teleport pad in Vault 111 for those that have to skip the institute

(TheDeluxeSam made a quick walkthrough for this quest for 1.3.1 if anyone's having issues)

Walden Pond "Hold your Ground" - pick up the egg in the middle that looks different to start the quest.
Kill the Hive Guardian to win. (save before picking up the egg, and recommend a fresh game save if you've
already picked up the egg at Walden Pond.)
Hold your ground is a WIP and will continue to grow and change

Xeno Follower - Hybrid #111x-04 is an experimental being that is highly intelligent, likes his tuxedo.

The beginning deathclaw battle at Concorn has been replaced with a Xenoclaw.

Dogmeat...or XENOMEAT. has a new pink armor/skin. just for variety.

Creature Bios:

-The Main Xenomorph: Human Hybrid

This variation is very hard to study due to its' intelligence and agility passed on by the host.
This Species, though comparable in size to the Xenoclaw, share different traits
and tend to travel in groups.
Recommendations: Not too keen on fire

- Neomorph: Modified human Hybrid

This hybrid is considered to be one of the fiercest of the xenomorph race. Originally modified
to dumb down and attempt to train the Xeno Master variant; The creature soon proved to be
hard to contain with its relentless aggression and ability to spit acid.

- NeoMutant: SuperMutant Hybrid (Genetically altered)

Little is known as to who is designing these. But the goal is clear; To designed a
creature that are not only genetically stronger from the Bio-virus but can follow simple orders like a
SuperMutant. Their strength and the virus's will to wipe off the fona of the world keeps generating
discarded failed attempts.

-Xenoclaw: Deathclaw Hybrid
Commonly just known as the
"Juggernaut of the CommonWealth."
Known for being a Brute class of Xenomorphs; they rely on Strength and their temper. Their skin is
in a constant state of moulting. Speculated because of the chameleon DNA from the deathclaw.
Recommendations: Never give them a chance to pick up speed. Landmines may slow them down.
Always run like hell.

-Humanoid Alien Hybrids:
the Humanoid Alien class is a direct result of the latest experiments done by researchers aiming
to create an inteligent super race to attempt to replace humans entirely. So far results are un
predictable. "...who the hell gave the little one's guns?!"

-Tiny Xenos
The Txeno Xenomorph: Cat Hybrid
Is commonly just known as the "Tiny Xeno."
These animals are the first ever variation to be docile towards
Humans. However, can still bite, and are prone to eating smaller
Recommendations: Carefull around your kids.

-Rabid Aliens: Dog Hybrid
These aggressive forms of alien stick to their primal instincts. Bipedal verison that is very
agile and some reason these variations have stunted growth and abnormal behavior.
No studies as to why.
Recommendations: Avoid packs of them, and check your rooms before sleeping. Little ones
are great at hiding.

-Alien Hatchlings: Hatched from Eggs, looking for hosts
Second stage to the virus metamorphosis. This small creature has a devistating role in creating
the larger variations. This may be weak, but if not destroyed, it'll create a 3rd stage bio-morph

-Queen Hatchling: Hatch from Unique Eggs.
If left unattended, this creature is designed to grow, mutate, and spread the Bio virus. Some are
extremely poisonous.

3rd party videos:  (awesome work guys thank you for the reviews) mostly shows the Alpha versions
TheDeluxSam's video
Al Chestbreak's video
1.2 release

 Xenoclaw Encounter 

Creatures so far:
                Xeno Master Race: 3 Types
             - Original chittin
 - Albino
       - Irradiated
                Neo Master Race: 2 Types
                           - Albino (night stalker)
                     - dark (daywalker)
                Xenoclaw Race: 2 Types
          - Moulting
                   - Hardened skin
Hybrid Alien Escaped Test Subjects: 1 Type
- Grey
                            - 111x-04 (Tuxedo Alien)
                Rabid Tiny Race: 1 Type
                    - Original chittin
                Rabid Alien Race: 2 Type
                   - Original chitin
      - Albino
  Alien Hatchlings:
         - Original
Queen Hatchling:
                    - Darkened Skin
Note: I take no credit for the original Alien models or resources.  This mod will not be exact to the Alien Movie Series, and will have my own twist.
Any Donations earned from this are strictly for the effort and time importing/adding to the game.

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JUST A HEADS UP.  I've never modded fallout before. If there are glitches and bugs, please bare with me since I'm still
learning how to even create a fool-proof install.  Models, skeletons, animations may be off or reused by other creatures
until I learn how to do unique versions.