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Adds two unique weapons to the commonwealth

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Hey everyone!

This mod was suppose to go with the Cyber-Light apartments mod I made a while back but I kept going through
different concepts of the gun and couldn't get one final before I finished the apartments so here it is as a
seperate mod which people would of probably asked for anyway right?

Both weapons can be found at the Cyber-Light offices right next to the Combat Zone.

20mm ammo can be crafted at a chemistry station

Cyber-Light Hand Cannon mods:

5 Receivers
5 Barrels
2 Grips
3 Sights
1 Scope
1 Suppresor
Cyber-Light Hand Cannon Launcher mods:
3 Receivers
3 Ammo types: 20mm Frag, Incendiary and Plasma
2 Grips
3 Sights

Weapons are not in the level lists because they're unique weapons.

No DLC required.

Special thanks to:

Sean C for permision to use the 40mm grenade conversion ammo.

Smith68 for bunch of creation kit work.

Please report any bugs.