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Welcome to my kollection of custom nameplates for N7R's ACR-W17

First off you need to download N7R's ACR-W17 here


This is a nameplate collection for those who love shipping featuring your usual OTPs of various people for those who love romance on TV/movies/web series (which I don't usually but my profile pic may say otherwise for my fellow Peenoise)  . If you do the check this out.  I am deploying all these packs little by little.  These are designed and optimized for N7R's ACR-W17 rifle mod. I won't tell you the contents as you should see it for yourself (a preview PNG pic show what nameplate selection is available).  I'll make an update if you have any suggestions.

And 4D record the selection features diverse content so brace for vitriol if there are those that wanna flame pips that only wanna DL this because it has ships that are featured are not the "usual" combination.  Politically-driven opinions are for site outside Nexus, so you can roast/love the pack all century but no politics pls, this is a modding site.


My first deployment is the ships from The CW Network's shows.  You should know this ring-ass network already for those who watch a f**k-ton amount of TV.  

-The CW Selection deployed (this network FYI is notorious for sparking ship wars among its viewers)

(Future selections may be deployed if enough enthusiasm on users or I have enough drive to deploy more OR if Tumblr is pointing a Forerunner weapon on my head)


-First DL the gun (link above provided)
-Extract the texture archive if DLed BA2 version using Archive2/BAE
-Go to Weapons/N7R/ACR-W17/ACR-W17_Tags/
-Choose your selection
-Replace Tag_1.dds with your chosen selection (N7R designates that file for the custom nameplate)
-If Dled BA2 version, packed the textures to BA2 using Archive2/BAE (New, Select DDS, Add Texture Folder, save as the name of archive before it's extracted)


"If Tumblr got wind of this and point a Forerunner gun at your head for not including ships they love?"
-I'll deploy more selections so that they point their guns at someone else hahaha!!

"Does this include queer ships?"
-This is a modding site, so I have to be more inclusive as possible if it means more DLs and pls I don't want to be involved in ship wars.  At least not on Nexus or other modding sites.

"Do you wish to deploy more packs featuring other shows of other networks?"
-Of course.  Comment section you go and I'll see how I do it.

"I wanna see *person 1 x person 2* ?"
-Same as above, comment section you go.

"I wanna share this on Tumblr"
-Ok go ahead but don't involve me in your ship wars.  And if possible just post pics and not involve me/N7R/a Tumblr friend with same profile pic as me in whatever ship wars you caused.

"I wanna show off the nameplate plaque to fellow fans of [insert ship] or to MxR/JuiceHead"
-Do as you please but me/N7R/Tumblr friend should be out of your bragging spree pls unless you wanna give credit.


N7R for his sweetass ACR and the permission to deploy this pack.
Myself (carnappe) for this pack and this only.


-This texture deployment is for the selections and those only.  As i repeat you DL weapon if you wanna use this.
-English just my secondary language.  Sorry for grammatical/sentence/paragraph errors.