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I created this mod because the original author of Dynamic FPS Shadows aka ShadowBoost hasn't updated his mod to work with the 1.10 update.

Are you fed up of making your game look and run great in Sanctuary only to find when you get to downtown Boston everything is a choppy mess?
Wouldn't it be great if the expensive game settings would temporarily lower themselves when you get to an unoptimised zone so your framerate would stay consistent? Well that's exactly what this mod does.

This mod works especially well with the heavy volumetric fog effects introduced with custom pipboy flashlights and the true storms mod. It could for example, adjust the gr quality when you are in foggy weather with flashlight on to recoup some performance. This mod can be used in conjunction with lowered gr grids, 12 or 24 and I recommend to do so.

How it works:

This mod will dynamically adjust the fShadowDirDistance variable and godray quality in the games memory to try to maintain a fairly stable 60FPS (default). It will also cap the games FPS to 60 and measure the strain on the system to reduce the shadow distance and god ray quality on the fly.  

How to install:

Read the provided user_manual.txt

For versions 0.8 and below:
Simply drop the dxgi.dll into the game executable directory and make sure your ini files have iPresentInterval=0 and disabled vsync.
Important: For best results ensure that the game framerate is not being capped by 3rd party mods/tools! If you must cap with an outside tool, use the same target framerate (default 60) that this mod uses.
This is a very early version, feedback is greatly appreciated, I intend to continue to improve this and add options for customising the target FPS, rates and min/max quality. 

Known Issues:

Doesn't work with Creation Kit.

Does this work with Reshade/Enb?

I have tested this running with both reshade and enb at the same time! So I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes it does. You must replace your reshade dxgi.dll to dxgi_linked.dll and your reshades dxgi.ini to dxgi_linked.ini. The latest ENB should just work because it uses different dll's.

My game crashes what should I do?

I'm trying my best to fix crashes and to get this mod working for as many people as I can. If you can't get it working on the current release, try a previous  version, including the "optional" folders in these versions.

Unfortunately, due to the vast and varying range of hardware and software configurations and my admittedly, tiny brain I cannot ensure that this mod will work for everyone, it is provided as-is. However, if you are prepared to provide your OS version, GPU, game version and a description of what 3rd party overlays (steam, enb, reshade, rivatuner etc) you have running and have the patience for a bit of back and forth, please do submit a bug report. Please be aware however, that I will be removing bug reports without warning from those people who are not providing this information and simply spamming me with "my game crashed" as I'm afraid I do not own a crystal ball.

It didn't crash but my framerate is very low?

Win 10 CU users should disable fullscreen optimisations, and Game Mode. Both of theese settings could cap your fps at 60, even if you disable V-Sync in Control panel.

Please check your iPresentInterval. If it is not 0, you must use bSimpleMode=1 in the .ini file otherwise strange things will happen. If you are convinced you are doing this, ensure that your min/max shadow distance values are low enough for your computer to handle. If you are still convinced you're doing everything right, check your control panel / drivers aren't forcing vsync... and if that doesn't help and you're still convinced you're doing it right, please leave a bug report.


My Mod Setup and Recommendations


Update 1.0:

Changed how the framerate cap works, it should be microsecond precise now (but if you're using this in conjunction with a framerate overlay that also hooks Present, it will still show fluctuation). The simple/advanced versions are now much more unified in how they work. Finished off configuration settings. 

Update 0.9.5:

Added load acceleration for advanced version.

Update 0.9.4:

Modified folder layout, added some ini documentation added a crash fix for people who's system drive letter isn't C:\ (I know right, who are these people?).

Update 0.9.2:

Still trying out fixes for crashes. This should be the most robust version yet with most issues solved (touch wood). Changed the default ini to use the simple mode so that people who carelessly apply the mod without reading the manual still get something resembling reasonable behaviour.

Update 0.9.1:

Trying to do something about the reports of crashes so this version has been built with different settings. I would like to know if this works better or worse for people so if you do try this please leave me a message. 

Update 0.9:

BIG changes!

So a lot of you were requesting a simpler version that didn't do the capping and worked more like the dynamic FPS shadows. I'm happy to report that this functionality has been added as an option. Hopefully this should work with load accelerator too.

The second big feature is the diagnostic console. If you put your game into windowed mode, and set the bShowDiagnostics=1 in the ini you can watch the mod working and decide how to tune it for your machine the way you want it!

Loads of configuration options.

Version 1.0 will be a bugfixed version of this, I'm putting this up early so people can test it out and report issues in advance!

Thanks for all of your feedback and endorsements, it makes it all worthwhile! Happy gaming.

Update 0.8.1:

Added missing vital information to readme.txt.

Update 0.8:

Added .ini file configuration

Update 0.2:

Added support for reshade follow instructions in the readme.txt