Tutorial - Cloning and Changing the Texture of an Item by Slevin
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Added: 13/09/2017 - 11:15PM
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This is a very basic tutorial that shows how to clone an item and assign a new texture to it. I made this tutorial to help out a firend, so it's rather specific. It might help some newbies so I thought I'd upload it. However I was tired and rushed it so there are quite a few typos and use of weird terminology, but it shows the steps with much detail and should still be pretty comprehensive.

It does not show how to extract and edit the texture, this tutorial shows the required steps in the creation kit and how to extract and edit a material file.

The tutorial is right now in the form of a .pdf file with 34 pages that are mostly big screenshots with some horrible but still readable font.

3rd Party tools used in this tutorial are the following:

Bethesda Archive Extractor
Material Editor