CROSS Plasrail - Horizon Compatibility Patch by ThaMan
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Added: 13/09/2017 - 10:34PM
Updated: 13/09/2017 - 10:34PM

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Last updated at 22:34, 13 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 22:34, 13 Sep 2017

Description :

Since Horizon is completely overhaulin everything about the game, weapons got their very deserved treatment aswell. Since the new Horizon v1.2 Beta patch added new stuff, like switchable ammos, most weapon mods needed to be integrated on that aswell.

REQUIRES Horizon v1.2.1 BETA
REQUIRES CROSS Plasrail v0.94a

The .esp should be placed after Z_Horizon.esp


What's' changed :

  • Weapon damage nerfed, but it might feel a bit powerful. That's OK, because it's a prototype weapon after all and it's unique in every way. Plus the ammo is quite expensive to obtain, as you need a Fusion Core and Cells to craft it.
  • Crafting the ammo is done via the Horizon's Weapon Workbench, under the "IMPORTED" category on Ammunition, and now requires Tesla Science Magazine to be crafted.
  • Crafting mods require Laser Weapon parts
  • Added a little description to the ammo and the weapon, adding some nice detail to them.
  • Crafting is done on the Horizon's Weapon Workbench.
  • Base AP cost is raised to 20 (previously 10).
  • Price decreased to 150 (previous 220).
  • The .esp is a REPLACER ONY, to keep the load order at minimum.

To-do list/Bugs:

  • I didn't had the time to properly test it, feel free to report any issues regarding damage and perk balancing.
  • This is a BETA version. I need to tweak it a little bit more, but as of the initial release, it's pretty much functional and ready to use, juts remember to store the weapon somewhere before you upgrade this mod.
  • The mod deas inject the weapon into leveled lists, as I'm still learning about it, it may be unbalanced.
  • Scrapping the weapon might not give Laser Parts, I'll fix it later.

Please report any bugs that you may encounter, or balancing issues on the Comments tab.

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More patches comming. Feel free to make any requests.


zawinul, for creating "Horizon".

Niero, for creating CROSS Plasrail