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All three ambient overhauls in one file

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Now that ive completed the first three audio mods in my series i thought i would release them into one mod file. Included in this mod are the ambient over hauls for Diamond city, the third rail and also Saugus Iron works, See below for descriptions on each mod. Each mod can be downloaded individually if need be on there own mod pages. Check out the videos to see what these mods actually do

Yoshubi's Audio - Diamond City

Having been playing Fallout 4 for so long on PS4 i decided to get the PC version to play around with mods. I found that in certain areas of the game, Bethesda had kind of diluted the experience when it comes to audio immersion. So i've finally got round to start this new series of upgrades to key areas that i found really lacking in the audio department. I'm open to suggestions for areas that i have not yet thought about so please comment and i'll see what i can do. 

So, this was my first audio mod but its now smaller in size than before. Diamond City always bugged me why it wasn't more 'full of life' considering its the main city in the game. The mod basically changes the ambient sounds of the city while your walking around which I thought made it feel more alive. You be the judge.

Yoshubi's Audio - Third Rail

Ok, this is technically my second audio mod, i started a Diamond city mod to test the water and it proved succesfull thanks to input from 'Kinggath' and everyone who downloaded it,

Originally this mod had two options (which can be downloaded on the original mod page), One just changed the audio on the vanilla game but the second changed the audio and blended together with the mod 'Better The Third Rail' by Mika999 which vastly improves the whole Third Rail with more dynamic npcs and generally adds more life to the Bar. In this mod, after many requests ive removed to audio which contained the song playing in the background which some said took the shine off Magnolia singing, i agreed. I've lowered the volume of the crowd aswell to allow Magnolia's songs to be heard, its still a bit quiet but i tried to balance it as best as i could. 

Yoshubi's Audio - Saugus Ironworks

I've decided to upgrade the ambient sounds of the Saugus Ironworks, Now it feels more alive i think. Let me know in the comments what you think.