Alea's Sanctuary Starter Home BluePrint by sweldon32
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Added: 13/09/2017 - 02:01PM
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Alea's Sanctuary Starter Home BluePrint
By sweldon32

This Is my new game startup home in Sanctuary Hills. Its Not Complete as i still have lots to add to Sanctuary in Future Updates....
This is my very first mod and upload to the Nexus so please bear with me....i have tested this Blueprint on a new game and it works 100% with all
the mods marked and activated as seen in the screenshots.
All Fallout 4 DLC is Needed For This Mod

i also recommend using loot to sort the mods in order.
Also i should note that the mod used Sanctuary Hills Restoration Relaunch should be moved to the bottom of your load order.
The Building behind Nora's house, There are two trees that need to be disabled using the console commands. I recommend you do this first
before you upload the blueprint to sanctuary.
And also the street lamp in front of Nora's House also needs to be Disabled or there will be duplicates. 

Please feel free to upload any of your screenshots