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Atomguard - The Fallout 4 Dawnguard Mod. Become a vampire or a vampire hunter and roam the wastes in a supernatural conflict. Factions, locations, fully voiced companion, random encounters, basic quests, magic, boss battles and of course vampirism.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish

I hereby present Atomguard, Fallout 4's equivalent to Dawnguard DLC. The mod provides as
close an experience to Bethesdan vampirism as possible. Full list of contents below.
Manual, manual, if something's glitchy, and if something doesn't work first just do it manual before reporting anything. Trust me, copy + pasting my sh..t in the Data folder and enabling it in-game ain't that friggin hard and it'll spare you so many problems. Make sure materials textures and meshes have dedicated GALEJRO subfolder with my files: Data/Meshes/GALEJRO/... This neat vid shows manual installation


1 - Valenheart Castle/ Kunstlits Castle windows round 5 Fix Confirmed
2 - Sundamage after curing vampirism I Need Confirmation
3 - Blood, Tomes and Dust quests should now properly reward the player and remove the quest-needed items.
4 - Jade pink body... round 5 Fix Confirmed
5 - Raise Dead should no longer resurrect fallen skeletons I Need Confirmation
6 - You should no longer be able to pickpocket Jade & Hector of their blood Fix Confirmed
7 - Atomguard Altar should now also replenish your spells.
8 - Atomguard and Vampire weapons (except stake) should be upgradable to do twice the damage at weapon station.
9 - Fang Feeding spell can now be used to stealthily drain your target to death.

10 - You get 3 new spells for vampires, get them at the main vampire, cardiomancy, atomancy altars or in a chest left of the main vampire altar:
- Summon Army - Area Potion spell that summons 5 armored skeletons with melee weapons (20s cooldown)
Cardiomancy - Blood Burst - Area potion damaging spell. (10s cooldown)
Natural - Enslave - Area potion spell that mass pacifies nearby enemies. (20s cooldown)


1 - Bald Serana Fix Confirmed
2 - Nuka World DLC Transit Fix Confirmed
3 - Sundamage to non-vampires Fix Confirmed
4 - Shadow of Jade not appearing on the map Fix Confirmed
5 Von Carstein hat/ dwemer mace & other invisible models Fix Confirmed

1. Become a vampire or a vampire hunter by joining one of those two factions. Each faction has it's own Castle (Look Screens) and basic collecting quests.

2. Enjoy functional vampirism close to Bethesdan model. 4 stages of thirst;

                1 stage - Well fed - buffs and minor sundamage
                2 stage - Thirsty - neutral and medium sundamage
                3 stage - Starving - debuffs and major sundamage
                4 stage - Decomposition -constant steady damage until next feeding

You may feed of any bloodpacks or use your fangs. One of the natural powers you gain is to feed of targets sleeping or awake as long as you sneak up on them, the target is human and nobody spots you.  Additionally you may find an artefact known as Odious Chalice, which acts like a rechargable bloodpack. You can refill it when you feed on a target.

Conditions for Fang Feeding:
- Target adult Human - non-vampire/ghoul.
- Player must be sneaking.
- Player must be in Hidden state of sneaking.
- Player must be not more than 2 meters away from target.

3. Magic is big part of the mod. Both vampires and atomguard may use their respective schools of magic. Magic works mostly on cooldown, but some spells use ammo that recharges through combat...  My advice, hotkey them. (details in the manual in the files).

Vampire -Natural - School of vampire magic that is gained automatically as a vampire. Includes fangs, increased speed, flying, invisibility, teleportation to vampire castle
Vampire -Atomancy - School of support magic meant to ease up the unlife. Includes a healing, shield and sundamage protection, summoning wolfs and resurrecting the dead.
Vampire -Cardiomancy - School of combat magic meant to be a weapon. Includes health draining bolts and area effect spells, combat and armour buff and fear effect for close by targets.
Atomguard -Holy - Universal school of spells, includes vampire damaging bolt, shield, healing and push back effect.

4. Serana, this fully voiced mouthy anarchist companion can be found in the atomguard castle prison. Search for her cage key and free her. She provides benefits for vampire players, uses magic in combat and can feed you blood as a last resort. As an anarchist she doesn't work like a regular companion and doesn't follow exact orders, but has powerful spells, self-healing in combat and armouring spells. (more details in the manual) She can also feed of you and grant you irradiated blood packs. Has a unique way of dismissal, has regular redressing item management feature.

5. Random encounters can be found across Commonwealth and Far Harbor (see maps in screens). Encounters aren't leveled, so you must come prepared for any encounter, a small fry one, a medium level or high level. Boss battles and grand-boss battles are marked on the map to warn players since they may be beyond their
skills. Fights are challenging and difficult, enemies deal considerable damage, but grand boss battles are meant to be even more challenging since each of those has his/her special powers and abilities. Random encounters RESET, but on a trigger. There are 42 random encounters thus far, when you walk into and trigger one encounter it automatically resets a random encounters some place else in the World. Exactly which encounter resets which is a secret but I'll give you 3 tips;

- GrandBoss Battles like Vicar Amelia or Alfred von Cartstein don't reset anything.
- Encounters in Commonwealth don't reset encounters in Far Harbor and vice versa.
- Lesser vampire encounters only reset other lesser vampire encounters.

6. New Items, 9 new weapons, several new consumables, chemistry recipes (vampire alchemy - lowest tab on the chemistry station), outfits. Paralysing stakes for vampire hunters and sun cream SPF 60 for suntanning vampires XD Vampire Cure for the indecisive in vampire alchemy. Some outfits are specifically for females others are for males cause let's face it you'll most likely just throw'em out and keep those slutty 8k textured bunch of strings on your unnaturally boob-jobbed, bounce-physics modded, sexually objectified insults to femininity.

[left]1. Eyes may not properly scaledown on a character so it may be necessary to give a final touch in the looks menu.

2. Shadow form may or may not workand provide stealth. (Not to be mistaken with the mist form - flying spell)

3. Atomguard may remain friendly even after becoming a vampire. Kinda crap but than again makes sense vampries do have to blend in.

4. Spamming blood feeding may cause advancing of thirst stages, to fix it feed once of a different blood source, e.g. You over-feed using fangs drink a bloodpack.

5. It is possible that completion of Jade/Hector killing quests can be buggy.

6. Sometimes Atomguard spells can give you units of their spells.

7. You can theoretically pickpocket Jade or Hector of their blood.[/left]8. Some texts spoken by characters aren't represented exactly by the text... The bloody 150 sign per voice line limitation.

1. Will you develop this further? Very unlikely. Unless it's patching it for bug removal, maybe adding some more powers and stuff. I'm slowly retiring from modding and I still got Frost Fog Isle to finish before I'm done.

2. Will this be on XBOX? Yes. Just gimmie time... And I'm tired of complaints about the weight of the mod I would like to hear solutions for once. I can't help my CK actually expands innumerous custom Voice Files, textures and meshes of this mod upon "compression". What? You ppl got a space limit on those things for mods or sth?

3. Will this be on PS4? Ask Sony... And their Douchy "No-Custom-Resources" policy preventing the release of this and the other 95% of mods ever made for this game.

4. Is there a cure for vampirism? Craft it, it only takes murdering Jade and Hector and using their blood in any chemistry station, ya'know, everything has a price.

5. Can I have both atomancy and cardiomancy? Yes, talk to Jade - atomancy or Hector - cardiomancy and finish their quest to obtain it as a gift... Or kill them, loot their blood, drink it and gain it faster you lazy bastard.

6. Can I become Blade? Like... Become a vampire but also a hunter. ... As much as I hate it, yeah. Some glitch in the faction processing and conditioning allows it, it also allows gaining holy magic as a vampire. So basically you can wield all types of magic this mod provides, not as if it'll help you it's pretty much the same sh..t only named differently.

7. Some items are invisible or pink... INSTALLATION or GLITCHES sections thank you very much.

8. Player is mute, why? Courtenay Taylor and Brian T. Delaney, original voice actors for Nate & Nora, seem to ignore my official plea for a meaningless non-profit project that will never put a single penny in their pockets... I wonder why they don't respond?

9. Yhar'gulcan turn to a bear form... So can you make a Werewolf mod? Eeeee no, What I done is merely a  facade of lycanthropy. I could possibly do it after a long arduous process of learning, but it would basically have to reset your face preset to original stock player.

Frequently Asked Bullsh..t

1. Can you make cannibalism do blood feeding? You don't need to lower yourself to this Wendigo crap. You have a free fang feeding mechanic even on living targets with infinite use every 3 seconds, almost exactly mimicking vampire feeding, you can't possibly go thirsty out there, what more do you need?

2. Can you make'em not take sundamage and need to drink blood? Do you wanna be a vampire or not?! It's the most basic definition of vampirism; it drinks blood, it burns in the sun, if it's female it's sexy as Take one of these away and you're not a vampire.

3.  Can you make em sparkle in the sunl... GET THEF..CK OUTTA HERE!!!

4. Why is Serana flat? She needs bigger tits! ... You know I was actually beating myself if not to put this in the FAQ. Legit question, but the answer is I was lazy. Remaking that coat would take a lot of time... Maybe I'll do it, for now just dress her in Jade's outfit, she'll magically grow a pair that way.

5. Why do character voices suck so much? Than make better is you're so damn talented, if you actually can voice act better than this than where the where you the past 4 months of this mod's development?!

Voice Acting
- KyoKyo866 - Captive Raiders, Maid, Serana
- Werr92 - Vampires, Igor Zakhayevski
- Agpistol -Battlemaster
- Ilovevobla - Jade
- Nevernotninja - Hector, Grand Master Hagen
- CptBarden - Barbarus

Models and Textures
- Billyro - GreatSword and Mace
- HonesAbe - JadeDress top
- Invalidfate - JadeDress Skirt
- Diranar - GorgeousGlowing Plasma Effects
- Cathymeow - Supernatural eyes pack
- [email protected] - Hairstyle pack
- noLOVE - Hunter Outfit

Supportand Consulting
- Aleirin,AGreatWeight - Playtesting and bug reports
- Arron Dominion -Scripting support

Music and Sound Effects
- Macrohasard -Demonic Voice effects for Golgoth Guards
- Atari Red - Witcher soundtrack


Most content in the mod is my handiwork. But some models and textures are work of others. Not everyone has granted me access to those resources without permission. Therefore it is best to contact me regarding what can be used. I am mostly available on nexus.