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Sets all weathers to have the NonRays godrays, which removes just the godrays from the sun, as well as the horrible atmospheric effect that washes out fog. Best part? Volumetric lights are unaffected.

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The current godrays remover mods just disable volumetric lighting outright. Which is terrible, as it renders the game pretty lifeless when in interiors.

The proper solution, is to set the weather records to use the NoneRays record, instead of actual godrays. Doesn't affect the volumetric lights at all, whilst having the game not look washed out as fuck, due to the horrible godrays shader NVidia Bethesda implemented.

The provided .esp requires the DLC, but I've a script that can make the process much easier if you want to do it yourself: https://github.com/MajinCry/xEdit-Scripts/blob/master/FO4Edit%20Scripts/AAA%20FyTy%20-%20Null%20Godrays%20Fix.pas