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About this mod

Lets you use weapon sights while in third person.

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What This Mod Does
This mod gives you the ability to quickly switch into weapon sights while in third person. If you love playing in third person but also want to make use of the precision of weapon sights at certain situations this mod is for you.

How to Use
By default, to enter weapon sights you must right click (or whatever button you use to aim) twice. If you would rather enter weapon sights every time you aim, there is a settings holotape that you can use to change it. It should be added to inventory at install and is also craftable at a chem station.

Installing/ Uninstalling
This mod requires F4SE!
Edit: Due to the problems people have mentioned regarding F04 v1.9 and 1.10 and also the old and new versions of F4SE (this mod was made with the newest versions of both 1.10 and 0.5.0), I've made a version that shouldn't require F4SE and should work with both versions of FO but you will not get the option to change between one click or two click ADS (it will be in the double click option so you can still quick toggle ADS while in third person)
Install via NMM or drag and drop files into the fallout data directory. Uninstallation is done by deletion of the same files.

Known Issues
When using double click ADS, the third person camera can eventually end up using the closest zoom for third person. If you do find that it is a bit too close for your liking you can increase the minimum distance of the player camera by adjusting (or adding) the "fVanityModeMinDist" setting in your Fallout4Custom.ini file so you have the lines like this: 

fVanityModeMinDist = 200
fVanityModeMaxDist = 400

Try setting the min value between 150 to 400 (the higher the more zoomed out it is). Also, make sure that your fVanityModeMaxDist value is higher or equal to  the min dist value. You could test out some values in game by typing in the console

 setini "fVanityModeMinDist:camera" 200
replacing the value of 200 to whatever you wish. The console command way will reset after you exit the game so you must eventually save it to your ini file if you want to keep it.

If the mod stops working mid game, there is a setting in the holotape option that allows you to reload the mod. Alternatively, you can type in the console 'help thirdpersonads_quest 0". Use the reference it gives you and type "setstage XXXXXXXX 20".

Yes I am aware that there is are other mods that does what this does but I took it upon myself to make this version because the others don't have the ability to fast toggle between standard third person aim and weapon sights aim.