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A collection of patches for Modern Firearms and Modern Sidearms!

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A collection of various patches and fixes for Modern Firearms and Modern Sidearms.

Originally when I started making these, i planned to just patch some of the largest weapon mods together, but quickly found there was much more to do, and probably still is!

List of Modern Firearms/Sidearms patched mods:

The main mods can be found at these links, as they are not hosted on Nexus.
 - Modern Firearms v2.5-1.4
 - Modern Sidearms 

 - Weaponsmith Extended  v2.4 Beta 35
 - New Calibers
 - Valdacil's Inventory Sorting
 - Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul
 - Raider Overhaul
 - Synth Overhaul
 - We Are The Minutemen
 - Atomic Surgery - Companion Overhaul
 - Fallout FaceWorks (FOFW)
 - Loving Piper
 - Loving Cait
 - Loving Curie

There is also an included bugfix for the Modern firearms F2 Gas Masks, and damage reduction versions of most of the patches that it would apply to. Most of the weaponry in MF is far superior to anything in the vanilla game, so you can use these to help tone them down to normal levels if you desire.

Additionally, the Modern Firearms team has made several patches of their own that I would recommend. you can find them, along with the downloads for the main mod downloads for MF/MS At This Link


Simply install with NMM and activate, select the patches or patch you want from the installer, and click finish! Make sure that the patch esp's come after any of the mods in your load order that you are trying to patch together.

Manual Install

Download the mod manually. Inside, you will find folders divided into groups based on the mods that are patched. Find the one that includes all of the mods you wish to have patched together. the numbered variants inside each folder are the reduced damage versions, so either select the one without a number, or one that has the damage variant you'd prefer.

All patches have been made for the versions of Modern Firearms/Sidearms that have been linked above. The earlier 2.4.1 version of MF is not compatible.

If you are not installing any of the larger All-In-One patches, you can select a few of the smaller ones instead of just one. An example being Raider Overhaul, and New calibers and the Gas Mask Fix. Attempting to use all of the smaller patches together instead of a combined one, will yield less than ideal results.

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions, please let me know! 

Version History

1.2.3 - Small fix for fomod installer settings
1.2.2 - Added patches for Loving Cait, Loving Curie, and combination patches with them
1.2.1 - Added Armor Names Fix for Modern Firearms, merged Gas Mask Fix into Armor Names Fix
1.2.0 - Reworked fomod installer. Remade many of the patch ESP files, fixed missing weapon damage reduction values
1.1.1 - Small changes to fomod info.xml
1.1 - Added patch for We Are The Minutemen
1.0 - Initial Release