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  1. robersonb1
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    Always make sure you have the latest version of the mod.

    Update 1.2b is now live! Please do a clean install. This should fix any lingering texture corruption issues.
  2. FallingInReverse101
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    why im wwalking really slow when I have rpg equipped?
    1. SirPotooVR
      • member
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      You may be using the Immersive Fallout mod that makes your character slow when wielding heavy weapons.
      I used MCM to turn it off, think there's a holotape too.
  3. ShootyZermbie
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    I would download this if the animator held it right. I swear the first person makes it look like you're firing one handed
  4. t3hl33tb34t2
    • member
    • 11 posts
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    If someone could make a model for the RPG on the player's back so that one of the visible weapons mods can use it, that would probably be pretty f***ing radical.

    Making liveleaks videos through gameplay is one thing, but looking like the star of one yourself is another thing entirely.

    The dude who made the Stinger made a model for his on the back, and it kinda makes more sense that there's a rocket launcher on your back then on your shoulder. Otherwise? LL works, the launcher works g r e a t, good shit.
    1. zachtan1234
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      Asking for a mod that already exists smh

  5. Tramendium
    • member
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    I swear every time when I use this weapon in VATS it reminds me of that Resident Evil 5 last boss fight scene and even firing animation and projectile looks very identical to it, so i cannot help but utter "SUCK ON THIS (insert enemy name here)!!!" every time i fire a shot and particularly in VATS (And particularly with nuclear rocket LOL!)... You sure got inspiration right when making this weapon. Great mod!
  6. VaultBoiiii
    • member
    • 21 posts
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    Hey, could you add a shovel rocket? Like in FC5. Just a shovel that is non-explosive but can deal a lot of damage. Like a slug. Because that would be very good for my build.
    1. SkyRaidFuneral
      • member
      • 173 posts
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      It would be totally awesome to have a Mod that turns the Rocket Launcher into a sort of Junk Jet. Not just shovels but all sorts or things could be launched as far & as fast as standard rockets.
    2. SkyrimArmistace
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      I second this.
  7. AlexSykes1997
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    By clean install you mean i have to start a new game?
      • premium
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      If you have not found an answer yet, and for anyone else.

      How to do a clean install:

      1. Uninstall and remove any of the old files from the location you have installed them
      (If using Vortex all you have to do is find the mod, select remove and make sure that both boxes are checked)

      2. Load your saved game after you have deleted the old version of the mod
      (the game will ask if you want load the game without the missing files, select yes)

      3. Once loaded: create a new save* and quit the game

      4. Download and install the updated version following the authors instructions

      5. Continue playing the game with the now updated mod

      *This is where the term "clean install" comes from, because you are removing all variations of the item(s) added by the mod from the game (In this case a weapon).
      It is important that you create a clean save without the mod installed to prevent bugs that could break your game.
    • member
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    Have you consider use syringer's mechanic?
    It's easier to load different type of ammo
    also NPC seems use vanilla missile launcher's reload animation
  9. SirPotooVR
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    It bothers me that the cluster rocket is the only one that looks like the one in real life.
  10. SirPotooVR
    • member
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    Suggestion: guided missiles?
    Problem: sometimes the Partystarter and Death From Above get swapped out by an RPG, which is not good for Unique Uniques mod users since you can't have the unique weapon mods on them.
  11. MaximumPain
    • member
    • 862 posts
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    Endorsed. For some reason the high explosive warhead creates radiation (about 5 rads) however the nuclear warhead does not. Any ideas? Also RPGs are quite common even at low levels. Not sure how this will work out as I haven't spent much time playing through the game yet...