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Hangman's Alley made over into a sweet spot for a moderate size settlement. Interiors? Yes! Cleaned up living? Yes! Planting areas? Yes!

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This is my start up mod for Hangman's Alley

Hangman's Alley Startup is in the series of startup settlement mods that I am going to develop. In this series, I am trying to keep the flavor of the settlements while improving the usability of the settlement and reducing time spent site prepping.
I decided to add the makeover mod to my Clean and Simple series simply because I didn't want to do this site again..lol. 

>There is an expanded build area, but not to the water because why go all the way to the water when you can bring the water to you?! I added a small cistern complete with a scaled down industrial water purifier. Just drop a generator and hook it up. The expanded build area includes all of the added interiors but not much more. NO workshop border. Just pay attention to the out of bounds warning. You have access to all interior buildings and some of the area just outside. The vertical build area is to the top of the surrounding alley buildings.
>Interiors have been added to three buildings which include the luxury lobby and two other buildings.
>The luxury lobby is a three story interior that was part of the original 'apartment' building that was closed off from Hangman's Alley but Bethesda allowed one small interior that was accessible from the street to the south. It is now complete with clean red carpets, gilded gold railings, black marble walls and access to Hangman's Alley. It also features a Penthouse Loft that overlooks the alley. Because who doesn't want that?!
>The Amazing Apartments consists of one four story building that has four (of course) apartments that are accessible from the alley via an external stairwell. The other interior building is three stories high and features open spaces on each level for merchant or clinic inclinations.
>The Pleasant Plaza includes ample area for multi-use building for whatever fancies you!
>The garden area features a delineated grass planting area that is large enough to feed the multitudes.
>Added turret stands for defense
>You still must clear the area of raiders before gaining access to workbench. It doesn't matter if you add this mod before or after claiming this as a settlement.
>All of the materials gained by scrapping and the items that were scattered
about Hangman's Alley are located in the ammo can on the workbench. To get the item list, I loaded a game with no scrapping mods. I looked at what was available and then placed
those items in the ammo can. You are not losing anything in the way of materials, you just don't have to do it yourself.

Very Important warning!!
Do not scrap any visible items such as building parts, retaining walls, planters, sidewalks...etc. They are there to preserve the beauty and seamlessness of this mod. If you remove any of them you will experience ugly gaps in landscape, holes in the ground and the like....just say no. There is plenty of room to build and decorate. If you don't like the npc idle markers, just scrap 'em.

Other mod seen in the screen shots besides my mod:
Fallout 4 Seasons - Grass - Trees - Plants - Snow by FrogprincessQ4 >Spring season is used

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Or you can follow the link to get the merged version(s)

Mod has been cleaned with FO4Edit.
Thank you and enjoy!