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Plenty 'O' Interiors adds in new dungeons across the Commonwealth (WIP)

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Plenty ‘O’ Interiors

This mod is no longer supported as I am making a newer version from scratch. Check my screenshots for updates and information.

This mod adds in numerous new dungeons across the vanilla world. DLC creatures and enemies will also be added. The mod is currently a work in progress. I will try to make the areas as immersive as possible littered with clutter, lighting, sounds, decals and entire dark dungeons where only a flashlight can be used to make jump scares possible. 

I will take requests for interiors.

There are many inaccessible doors which will lead to locations in future updates 

Right time for a update on progress. This was my first mod for fallout 4 and I have done allot of things wrong with POI. But having messed around with creation kit for a month or so I now know what I am doing most of the time. There will be separate mods released with one coming soon which I have kindly posted images on to show you I am still working on this. There will be interior mods, Exterior mods such as more checkpoints, camps, crashed vertibirds, crashed train carriages, crashed trailers. I will also try to add in more ladders to access rooftops aswell as walkways to other rooftops. I will also try and make interiors for many of the abandoned buildings in downtown Boston. I will then merge them all together at the end if that is possible.

Finished Interiors:

Abandoned Infested Bunker (at the back of drumlin diner next to a tree)
Infested Hideout (at college square near a destroyed building just next to one of the main roads)
Abandoned Quarry (Located at the Dunwich Borer)
-USM Eastern Command Centre
-Abandoned munitions Factory 
-Storage Facility 

Areas in development:

United States Reserve Bunker (This has changed to have lots of scrap materials in and ammo)
Collapsed Subway
Collapsed Submarine Pen
2 Subway Interiors
Small Cavern Near Sanctuary
Submarine Interior 
(These Ones above will be released in December as a separate mod linking sanctuary to just outside Longneck Lukowski's Cannery)

Electronic Factory 
Underground City 
Cavern System 
Sewer System 
Naval Facility 
USG Genetic Research Facility 
USAF Titan ICBM Silo
USG Emergency Command Bunker
USN Underground Submarine Construction Facility 

Planned Exteriors and interiors:

A battle arena/tournament  
Quest to find the US gold reserve and currency
A large underground bunker under Boston airport infested with ghouls and radiation (BOS Quest)
linked subways across the map
A second layered network under the subway system to allow for the transport of troops and weapons
Maybe a third network as well like a deep sewer system filled to the brim with bloated ghouls 
Large beached ship along the north east coast
Further development of the north east 
More hardened military installations
Ammunition depots
Boston interiors

Update Progress:

Abandoned Quarry (Located at the Dunwich Borer)
-USM Eastern Command Centre
-Abandoned munitions Factory 
-Munitions Factory 

Added Abandoned Infested Bunker
Added Infested Hideout

The Underground has been added instead of work on Boston Airport.
You can find the entrance at the back of the Medford Memorial Hospital but be careful as there are super mutants guarding the area.

Hot fix for impassable areas and holes which you can see through the world. 

Adds in a large bunker underneath Boston airport. The entrance is temporary and is located next to the barn near the parking garage. At the movement their is no enemies. Later updates will add in enemies and more areas.

If the FPS is to low in some areas comment and I will split them off in to a different cell.

Thankyou for all of the ideas and advice. I love listening to the community and making what you want.