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Makes the Minutemen look like what an American thinks Soviet soldiers look like.

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Please Note: This mod is still in development and there are several issues with it. I am working to resolve these issues but I cannot say exactly when that will be. In the meanwhile, enjoy what you can.

This mod makes the minutemen wear stereotypical Russian clothing. Hopefully I can make them use Vadim and Yefim's voices, but not yet. The mod has a version which uses AWKCR and Armorsmith extended and a version which does not. Let me know if there's anything you think I should add or fix. I would recommend a mod which adds a  pin to the Ushanka such as this one, but this will still work if you don't. There is now a version which uses Metro Gas Masks, and if you get that file you will need to get Metro Gas Masks for it to work. There is also a version with the gas masks and the Altyn Assault Helmet, which is basicly the Tachanka helmet. Do not listen to the requirement pop up thingy. Just read the title of the file you want to download and figure out which master files it needs. If you can't figure it out just ask and I'll (probably) respond.