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Adds the Dart Gun from Fallout 3

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This mod adds the Dart Gun from Fallout 3. It is meant to give players the chance to play around with a syringer type weapon without the expensive ammo crafting and different ammo types. Base damage is 5 physical and 5 poison damage for 10 secs. Includes 10 different poison types to choose from, locked behind the 4 ranks of chemist perks. It has leveled list integration, and spawns on Raiders. Starts to spawn at level 5.


It can be bought from weapon vendors.


Also added are the Paint Gun and Surgical Tubing junk items from Fallout 3 & NV. They can be found in toolboxes and medkits respectively, and are required to craft the Dart Gun. The crafting recipe can be found in the utility section of the Chemistry Bench, and is the same as in Fallout 3. The ammo is "Syringe" and can be crafted in stacks of 10 in the Chemistry Bench.


hould Be compatible with everything, uses WeaponLLInject.pex and LLLLInject.pex scripts for LL integration, so it may ask to override this file if it is used by another mod. Allow it to override, as it is the same file used by other mods.

Known Issues or Bugs

Animation could be better. Health Poison may or may not be working. Please provide feedback as to whether all poison types work as intended. 


Will probably rerelease with a modified syringer and the needler pistol from Fallout 2 & Tactics after I finish the MP5 mod I am concurently working on. May be rebalanced, based on feedback.


0.5.0: Initial Release
0.5.1: Fixed an issue with corrupted textures.


Created by: Me 
Weapon Sound:
Leveled List Injection by: a_blind_man
3DSMAX 2017 Nif PluginEnpinion
Thanks to: MikeMoore for the Tutorials