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The second installment of mods coming to bring a unique and new experience to the wasteland.

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Fallout 4 Revisited - Fort Stronger
The second installment of mods coming to bring a unique and new experience to the wasteland.

Fort Strong, a location known to be filled with dangers and new secret weapons! Legend has that this was a testing ground by the military before the Fallout. Yet for all its great mysteries, it does not have a lot to keep adventurersĀ from sneaking in and stealing these precious secrets. Until now...

I have created this new series to bring to life a city that did not grab me when I first started playing. This is my second installment of a series that will be coming to Fallout 4's modding community soon, where I focus on adding new and interesting areas to the commonwealth that use ONLY vanilla pieces, I'm focusing on bringing realism without effecting FPS and making every mod deploy-ableĀ to the console community as well. This release comes with a few custom textures to help provide realism to the location but doesn't effect performance.

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Place inside your Data folder inside Fallout 4 directory. Turn on using Wrye Bash, Mod Manager, Or Nexus Mod Manager.

None. All you need is the Vanilla Fallout 4.

No known issues, all mods working unless there's another Fort Strong mod I don't know of.

Known glitches:
You may find areas of the ground that have gaps or holes, please let me know, the entire island has been lifted and redone from the vanilla, I probably missed a spot or two.

First Installment - Diamond's Defenses
Third installment - Sanctuary - Safe Haven
Fourth Installment - Libertalia's Reign

Next location - Libertalia