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A simple mashup using the belt from sturges armor and a vault suit and adds farm hand gloves to another suit, giving your vault dwellers some uniforms.

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Modern Utility Vault Suits

Did you ever think?
"Maybe if you wore gloves your fingernails might stay clean"
"You are the vault maintenance team, where are your tools"
Then look no further this is the mod for you

Basically this is simple Armor mashup giving the vault suits either gloves from the farmhand outfit or the tool belt from Sturges dungarees. i have attempted to add them via scripting to the vault 88 chest however if that doesn't work simply use the console to refresh the inventory on the chest (if your using survival why are you not using a console enabling mod it saves a lot of trouble)

Alternatively craft them at the Armoursmith workbench under Vault-Tec outfits and choose your vault number at the armour workbench. All numbers are included and therefore this mod requires both Vault-Tec workshop and Far Harbour

This mod is compatible with any vault suit re-textures you might want to use. No i will not make a slooty version learn how to make it yourself its really not that difficult

I am planning a non dependent, non numbered version but i am in the middle of a house move at the moment so bare with me