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A patch to allow VIS to correctly sort and icon the weapons in WRO.

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This is a patch for WRO to allow VIS to actually sort and apply icons to weapons in WRO. This patch requires WRO's full DLC version.

Required files:
FO4 - Main, Far Harbor, Nuka World, Automatron
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)
Weapon Realism Overhaul
Valdacil's Item Sorting
(not actually REQUIRED by the mod, but patch is pointless without it)

Load order recommendation (to eliminate most conflicts):
FO4 and DLC esms
((ALL OTHER MODS HERE. Seriously, WRO conflicts with and loses to a LOT of mods.))
VIS - WRO DLC Patch.esp

If you use LOOT to check load order, make sure to move WRO and the patch to the bottom of the load order. This VIS patch won't interfere with any other patch, as it doesn't edit any VIS tags or DEF_Inv files. All it does is fix the missing keywords from AWKCR and a change a few {Mod} names to actually include the tag point. I didn't notice any particular missing mod tags before, but just in case I added them anyway.

This WILL work with any currently running game if it was started with WRO. However, for the names and the sorting tags to function correctly, you'll need to grab every weapon you have locked away that doesn't have the icon or right name and drop them on the ground in a settlement you have already unlocked, then open the workshop and store each weapon individually. I tried by stuffing all into a container. It didn't work. Unfortunately, this is the fastest method I'm aware of to fix the tagging.

Any new weapons after the patch is installed should work fine.

It should be noted that not all of the icons will show up right. I'm in the process of fine tuning it, but for those who really want the patch now, it's out as is. I'll update it once I have the icon and tags working right. The different calibers for the weapons are making it a bit of a challenge, but it will at least sort the weapons by their base. :P