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This is a F4SE plugin which restores some hard-coded features disabled by game in survival mode,for example,unlock console,enable TGM,enable fast travel,restore vanilla compass settings,enalbe quick save and auto save,etc .

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This is a F4SE plugin which restores some hard-coded features disabled by game in survival mode .This plugin will be compatiable with any mods except some F4SE plugins do the same things as this plugin.

Enable fast travel in survival mode.
Unlock console.
Completely restore TGM and TIM command.
Enable vanilla auto save mechanism.
Enable vanilla quick save,you can press F5 to create a qucik save.
Enable save/quicksave button on system menu.
You can return to survival mode once you exit from this mode.  
Restore vainlla compass settings,compass will show locations and enemies' red dot.
Show auto save settings on system menu's survival difficulty page.
Restore vanilla weight of stimpaks and ammos in survival mode. 
Enable achievements when you play mods.

You can toggle on/off every features listed above in MCM or INI file.

Fallout4  V1.9.4 or above.
Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)  V0.4.2 or above.
Mod Configuration Menu V1.0 or above(optional)

Floating Damage: Show floating damage number when someone is hit.
HUD Plus Plus: Adds some UI widgets to HUD to display detailed information of object crosshair points to or selected in quick loot menu.
Better Console - F4SE
: Make console menu show more useful info of selected target.
Unlimited Fast Travel - F4SE: Enable fast travel from interior, remove all kinds of restrictions on fast travel.
Clock Widget: Show real time while loading.


F4SE team for F4SE.