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Brings forward all Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource keywords and naming instance rules while keeping Frost's changes in effect. Updated for Frost 0.5/AWKCR 4.02.

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Frost-AWKCR Patch
This is my personal Frost - Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (4.02) patch that adds AWKCR keywords and instance naming rules to weapons and armors in Frost. Keeps all of Frost's changes and includes a few minor fixes as well. 

The patch allows you to extend Frost with mods that require AWKCR (most notably Valdacil's Item Sorting).

NOTE If you are using payl0ad's excellent PIRAD - Plausible and Immersive RADiation, his Frost patch already includes AWKCR functionality.


  • Automatron
  • Far Harbor
  • Nuka-World
  • Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)
  • Frost

LOOT should order this patch correctly. Manually, place it below FROST.esp
Naugrim04 (Frost), Valdacil, Gambit77, AndrewCX (AWKCR), zilav (FO4Edit)
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